Laird Tells Martina About Antonia

“Poor Antonia,” Martina said, shaking her head sadly. Laird had just told her about his adopted sister’s breakdown which led to her stay in a psychiatric hospital.

Laird stared at her. “You feel sorry for her?” he exclaimed.

“Yes, I do. It must be painful watching the man you love fall in love with and marry someone else.”

“Martina, what about what Aunt Margery said?”

“You mean about Antonia’s propensity to harm someone?”

“Yes. She has the propensity to harm any woman she sees as a rival.”

“And she sees me as a rival.”

“Yes. She’s jealous of you, Martina and has given you the evil eye too.”

Martina looked startled. “She has? When?”

“At our wedding. Aunt Margery saw it and that’s why she warned me to keep an eye on you. My aunt told me not to mention any of this to you because she didn’t want you to worry and I had agreed but now I’ve decided to tell you because we’ve never kept anything from each other. I don’t want you anywhere near Antonia.”

“Do you really think she’ll harm me in some way?”

“She’s capable of anything.”

“I keep hoping that you and Aunt Margery are wrong about her.”

“We aren’t wrong about her, Martina and we’ve known her for a very long time.”

“Still, I can’t imagine that she could be capable of harming anyone.”

“As I said, she’s capable of anything. She had no qualms about hurting Karson when she threw herself at me and came to my bedroom with the intent of sleeping with me. And then, she had the gall to come here and insinuate that something was going on between Steven and you. And when she told me that she hated Karson and you, I hated her.”

“Do you still hate her?”

“Yes! And that will never change.”

“Oh, Laird. Hate is such a strong and toxic emotion.”

“The Bible says to hate evil and as far as I’m concerned, Antonia is evil.”

“I don’t know, Laird. I have trouble believing that she’s evil. She has the face of an angel.”

“A fallen angel, maybe. Lucifer was once the anointed cherub, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty and now he’s Satan and the devil.”

“What about your father? Does he think that she’s dangerous too?”

“No. Like you, he doesn’t want to believe that she’s capable of evil.”

“I wish there was something we could do to help Antonia.”

“I think she’s beyond any help.”

“God can help her. Nothing is impossible for Him. Look at Manasseh. He was evil and did so many wicked things but in the end, with God’s help, he turned his life around. The same could happen for Antonia.”

“I’m sorry, Martina but I don’t think she will ever change.”

“I’m going to continue to pray for her.”

“This is one of the reasons why I’m so madly in love with you. You care about people, even those who don’t give a damn about you like Antonia.”

Martina went over to him and put her arms around his waist. “I understand why you feel the way you do about her,” she said.

He reached up and cupped her face between his hands. “Let’s not talk about Antonia anymore.”

“All right.”

He leaned over and kissed her. She eagerly responded and the kisses soon became very passionate. Breaking off the kiss, he murmured huskily, “Let’s go to bed.”

Holding hands, they went into the bedroom. After stripping, they climbed into bed and as she lay on her back, he stretched out beside her, his eyes dark with desire as they traveled over her naked body. He lowered his head and she moaned as he traced every curve with the tip of his tongue. She closed her eyes and her fingers gripped the sheets as waves of pleasure coursed through her, making her shudder against him.

When he was done driving her wild, he told her to turn on her side so that she was backing him. He spooned her and she groaned when he entered her. Burying his flushed face in her hair, he began to move his hips.

Source: Knowing Jesus

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