An Awful Dinner Party & A Private Yacht

“That was some dinner party last night, wasn’t it?”

His expression soured. “Yes, it was. It was torture, to be quite honest. I don’t think I’ll ever throw another dinner party.”

“Your friends are going to be very disappointed. They love your dinner parties.”

“Well, that’s too bad. Better for them to be disappointed than for me to be bored out of my mind. If I weren’t the host, I would have flown the coop and skip Donna going going on and on about Paper stars and green fizz. Who cares about that stuff?”

Mallory laughed. “I thought it was very funny.”

“I’m sure you did. By the way, what were you thinking?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why were you serving the dessert? You’re my room-mate, not my maid. I wondered why you got up from the table.”

“I thought I’d give Mrs. Alvarez a hand. She had been on her feet for hours, cooking that dinner for you and your friends.”

“All right. It was decent of you to pitch in like that but I’d rather you didn’t do again.”

“Why don’t you hire another person to help Mrs. Alvarez? She’s getting up there, you know.”

“Don’t tell me that you’re interested in the job. What about your studies?”

“I’m not, but I could help out when I can until you hire someone.”

“I’ll look into it. Mrs. Alvarez will be a part of the interviewing process because, after all, the person will be working with her.”

She smiled. “Good.”

“So, what are you up to today?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“How about spending the rest of the day on my friend’s yacht?”

She stared at him. “What about Josephine?”

His eyebrows rose. “What about her?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be seeing her today?” Josephine was a stunning redhead whom he had been seeing lately. She tried not to let it bother her. His love life wasn’t any of her business. She was just living under his roof until she graduated in June, then, after snagging a well paying job, she would find her own place.

“That’s this evening. What do you say, Mal? We will chill on deck, soaking up the sun, have mocktails and Greek or Italian or whatever type of food you’re in the mood for delivered.”

She considered it for a moment. “Sure, why not?”

He grinned. “Bring a swimsuit.”

“A swimsuit?”

“Yes, my friend, Jorge who owns the yacht has a pool on deck.”

“A pool on deck? That must be some yacht.”

“It is.”

“Have you been on it before?”


“Did you take any of your female friends with you?”

“I took Clara but she was before your time.”

“Is Jorge going to be there?”

“No, it’s just going to be you and me and Miguel.”

“Who’s Miguel?”

“He’s the steward/deckhand.”

“Are you sure it’s okay for us to be on the yacht?”

“Of course. I spoke to Jorge and he said that it’s mine for the whole weekend if I want. Now, stop stalling and let’s go.” He got up from the stool.

“I’m not stalling.” She was excited and nervous about spending the rest of the day on the yacht alone with him, wearing a swimsuit. Hopefully, she wouldn’t gawk at him when she saw him in just a pair of swimming trunks. From what she could tell, he had a great body.


“All right, all right, I’m going.” She scurried off to her bedroom.

Fifteen minutes, later, they were heading to the wharf.

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