It Was No Use

Try as she did, Leticia couldn’t stop thinking about Patrizio and what he had asked her the last time they saw each other. He had asked, “…is there still hope for us?”

It struck her that she hadn’t said “no.” Instead, her answer had been, “I don’t know.” Why hadn’t she just said no, there was no hope for them? Maybe, it was because, in spite of everything, she still loved him and if there was a possibility for them to renew their relationship…

No, she was being foolish. He was engaged to Camilla. And, she wasn’t sure that he was really going to break off the engagement. He had dragged his feet this long because he didn’t want to hurt the girl and for all she, Leticia, knew, he might change his mind when he was face to face with his fiancée.

No, unless, Patrizio broke off his engagement to Camilla and was free again, she wouldn’t entertain any more thoughts of a reconciliation. Resolutely, she turned her attention back to doing her work which kept her busy for the remainder of the day.

It was early evening when Patrizio stood there among the bushes, staring up at the flat where Leticia lived. He had thought of calling her before coming over there but changed his mind, fearing that she would discourage him. He was there to tell her that he had gone through with it–that he had broken off his engagement to Camilla.

He grimaced. Poor Camilla. He had hurt her deeply. It broke his heart to see her pale face and the bright eyes which were moist with tears. She looked so young and vulnerable. He felt like a complete jerk but he couldn’t go through with the wedding. He couldn’t continue the charade–the pretense any longer.

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Marrying her would have been a terrible mistake. Both of them would have been unhappy. Camilla deserved to be happy and she wouldn’t have been married to a man who didn’t love her. And, it would have been torture for him, being with one woman when he ached to be with another.

Yes, their marriage would have been a nightmare and no deal was worth it. And it would have killed him if Leticia had moved on with her life–marrying another man and having his children. No, Leticia was the only woman for him. She was the only woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with–if she would still have him. Well, there was only one way to find out if there was any hope for him with her.

Taking a deep breath, he moved towards the building. He hoped that she was home and that she would invite him in. Someone was coming out, so he held the door open and slipped in afterwards. He walked briskly over to the bank of elevators and was thankful to find one available. He ran his fingers nervously through his hair as the lift ascended to the floor where she lived.

He paused before he rang the bell. Footsteps and then, the door opened. Leticia stood in the doorway, watching him. “I broke off the engagement,” he informed her quietly.

“I was just getting dinner ready. Come in.” She opened the door wider for him to go inside.

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