Joel Tells Kira the News

“Guess what?” Joel said to Kira.

“What?” she asked, looking at him.

“Gina has agreed to give Matt a divorce.”

Kira’s eyes widened. “She has?” she exclaimed. “I thought she was going to fight him tooth and nail.”

“I thought so too but Matt called me this morning at the office to tell me that he and Gina met at the children’s library and she told him that she was going to give him what he wanted. He couldn’t believe it himself and asked her what had made her change her mind but she didn’t tell him. She told him to be thankful that she had.”

“I’m sorry about the divorce but it’s painfully obvious that their marriage couldn’t be salvaged.”

“Yes. Divorce seems to be the only option for them.”

“Oh, well. What’s going to happen with poor Cam?”

“They will share custody. He will continue to live with Gina. When he’s older, he will decide if he wants to continue living with her or with Matt.”

“Have they explained to him what is going to happen–that they are not going to live together any more?”

“I think Matt explained that to him when he and Gina separated.”

“What about the miscarriage? Have they explained that to him?”

“I think Gina finally ended up telling him that she lost the baby.”

“I wonder how Cam took the news.”

“I don’t know. He was probably disappointed because he was looking forward to having a little brother or sister.”

“Well, now he’s excited about having a little cousin,” Kira said.

“Yes. He’s already planning which games they will play together.”

Kira smiled. “He’s such a sweet child.”

“Yes, he is. He takes after Matt.”

“Yes, he does.”

“I used to think that Gina was a good mother but when she tried to prevent Cam from seeing Matt…”

Joel sighed and shook his head. “That was a terrible thing to do. Poor Cam, caught in the middle like that.”

“Gina did it to spite Matt because he wanted to divorce her.”

“She did it to make him change his mind about the divorce.”

“And to stop seeing Mel.”

“Gina has always been jealous of Matt’s friendship with Mel.”

“I think she has good reason to be,” Kira replied.

“You mean because Matt and Mel are attracted to each other?”


“When I spoke to Matt this morning, I advised him that the best thing he could do was to wait one year after the divorce before he dated Mel. He didn’t sound too pleased.”

“I agree with you. They have to be smart about this. Gina would probably expect them to start dating as soon as the divorce is final and she could cause trouble.”

“I told Matt that and reluctantly, he agreed that I was probably right and said that he would wait.”

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“I guess it will be hard for him and Mel but some things are worth the wait.”

“True. Well, I’m going to change before dinner.” He quickly left the living-room while Kira stood there, looking very pensive.

What had made Gina change her mind about the divorce? She had been so determined to hold on to her marriage because she feared that Melania was the reason why Matt wanted to leave her. All this time she had been fighting the divorce and then, suddenly, quite out of the blue, she had agreed to it. Why?

I must warn Mel to be careful and advise her not to spend too much time with Matt. It would be best for them to remain just friends for now. I will call her after dinner and have a long talk with her. Resolute, Kira left the living-room and went into the kitchen to get dinner ready.


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