Life Changes

She stared at the doctor. “I’m pregnant?”


She had suspected after she had missed her period and experienced symptoms such as headache, fatigue and breast tenderness. She had taken a pregnancy test which showed a positive result but she wanted to be absolutely sure so she made an appointment with her doctor who gave her a blood test. She had advised that blood tests were better because they can pick up hCG earlier in a pregnancy than urine tests can. Blood tests can tell if a woman was pregnant about six to eight days after she ovulated.

Dr. Martin studied her. “What’s the matter, Shaelyn?” she asked. “Was this an unplanned pregnancy?”

Shaelyn nodded. “Yes.”

“Are you currently in a relationship?”


“Are you worried that the father won’t welcome the news?”

“I’m not sure how he will take it.”

“If it turns out that he’s not supportive, are you prepared to be a single mother?” 


“Well, before we assume that the father will be an absentee one, tell him about the pregnancy. In the meantime, you need to start taking care of yourself right away. Make sure you take 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid every day. No more alcohol or tobacco.”

“I don’t drink or smoke.”

“Good. If you need me to recommend a counselor whom you can talk to about your situation, I would be happy to do that.”

“No, thanks. I’ll be fine. Thank you, Dr. Martin.”

“I’ll see you for your regular prenatal visits.”

“Yes, Dr. Martin.”

“Goodbye, Shaelyn. And try not to worry. Just concentrate on taking care of yourself and your pregnancy.”

“Yes, Doctor. Goodbye.” She got up and walked out of the office, her mind spinning. She was pregnant. She was going to have Ryker’s baby. How was he going to take the news? She hoped that he would be thrilled. That evening she was going to see him at his place. She would tell him then. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought.

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Ryker looked out of the window anxiously. Soon, Shaelyn would be there. He was nervous. What would her reaction be? He hoped that it would be a positive one.

She got there at seven. After taking her coat and hanging it in the closet, he pulled her against him and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed against him as she responded to his kisses. Things soon heated up and picking her up, he took her to his room where they ended up in bed after quickly stripping.

Afterwards, they showered together and put on robes. She helped him to set the table and they sat down and had dinner which he had prepared.

“There’s something important I need to say to you,” he said an hour later when they were in the living-room. He joined her at the window where she stood, looking out.

She turned to face him. “I-I have something important to tell you too.”

“You go first.”

“I’m-I’m pregnant.”

He stared at her. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I took a home pregnancy test and then, I went to the doctor who gave me a blood test. Both were positive and she confirmed that I’m pregnant.”

He ran his fingers through his hair. “You’re pregnant.”

She studied him. He didn’t look upset which was good. “How do you feel about me being pregnant?” she asked.

“How do I feel?” he exclaimed. “I’m thrilled.”

“You are?”

“Yes. Why wouldn’t I be?” he put his hand on her stomach. “Why wouldn’t I be thrilled that you’re going to have my baby?”

“I-I wasn’t sure how you would react when I told you.”

He cupped her face between his hands and kissed her. “I’m thrilled,” he assured her again when he raised his head to gaze down at her. “And I hope that you will be thrilled too when I tell you what’s on my mind.” Taking her by the hand, he led her over to the sofa. “Have a seat.”

She sat down, wondering what this was all about. He looked very serious. “You’re making me nervous,” she said.

“I’m the one who should be nervous,” he replied. He reached into the pocket of his dressing gown and took out a little black box. He got down on his knee before her, his eyes meeting hers in a steady gaze. “Shaelyn, right now, I’m your boss, your friend, your lover and the father of your child. I want to be more. I want to be your husband, your life partner. I want to spend the rest of our lives loving you. Will you marry me?”

After recovering from her shock, she nodded. “Yes.” The tears spilled onto her cheeks.

Relieved, he slipped the exquisite ring on her finger before he stood up and lifted her to her feet. “I love you,” he murmured huskily.

“I love you too.”

He leaned down and kissed her. She kissed him back, her heart bursting with joy. She was going to have his baby and she was going to marry him. Her story had the happy ending she had dreamed of but had never dared imagine would be possible.

Source: Women’s Health

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