It Was All A Lie

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I stood there watching him and his family flanked by bodyguards. They looked like the perfect couple but it was all a lie. His wife, Hannah suspected that he was having an affair but she didn’t know who the other woman was. Whenever we were together in public, no one suspected anything. By all appearances, I was his highly qualified and very efficient secretary, always at his beck and call. Our relationship went from business to personal last year when we were at a convention in Florida.

We had finished working late one night and after everyone had left, we remained in his executive suite talking about how the convention was going and what was next on the agenda. He seemed a bit tired which was expected with his busy life. I wondered when was the last time he just relaxed–didn’t do anything–just simply relaxed. We were sitting on the sofa. I asked him.

He gave me small, crooked smile, “I honestly don’t remember,” he said. “Even when I’m lying in bed, I can’t relax. My mind is working overtime and it takes a long time for me to fall asleep.”

“Maybe you should take a vacation. The world would stop revolving if you did, you know.”

“A vacation sounds nice but right now, it’s out of the question.”

“We’ve been to so many states and you’ve never taken time to go sightseeing. It’s all just business with you.”

“That’s the life of a public figure, I’m afraid.”

“What about your family? How much time do you really spend with them?”

“As much as my busy schedule allows.”

“It must be tough being married to a politician.”

“Speaking of marriage, what about you?”

“What about me?”

“Are you seeing anyone?”


He stared at me in surprise. “You’re a very attractive woman, Shondra. I can’t believe some man hasn’t snapped you up as yet.”

“Maybe it’s because I haven’t had much time for a social life.”

“I guess I’m to blame for that. I’m going to have a drink. Would you like one?”

“No, thanks. I don’t drink, remember?”

“Oh yes, how could I forget that? What else don’t you do?”

“I don’t cheat on my taxes and I don’t do blind dates.”

He smiled. “What about dancing?”

I stared at him. “Dancing?”

“Yes. Do you dance?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“I’ve changed my mind about having that drink. Why don’t we dance instead?” He stood up and held out his hand.

“You’re kidding.”

“I kid you not. Dancing will relax me. Come on, just one dance.”

Rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I got up from the sofa and took his hand. We went into center of the room and began to move to Etta James’ At last. He was a terrific dancer. I wondered when was the last time that he and his wife danced like this. He smelled good. I’d never smelled that aftershave before but I really liked it.

His hand in the small of my back was doing something to me and I felt him pull me closer so that our bodies were touching. My heart began to beat faster. I could feel his cool breath on my forehead. I looked up and our eyes met. There was a curious expression on his face and I saw his eyes drop to my mouth.

I watched, mesmerized as he lowered his head and then, I felt his lips on mine. I didn’t resist. I should have, but I didn’t. Instead, I kissed him back and then, I felt his arms go around my waist, holding me tightly against him as the kisses became more passionate. My arms were clutching his shoulders, my head titled back from the onslaught of his lips.

I don’t remember how we got there, but the next thing, I knew we were in his bedroom, still kissing until he released me to get undressed. I followed suit and then, we came together again to kiss before he backed me over to the bed. He pushed me down and we lay there on top of the sheets, kissing with total abandon. Then, he broke off the kiss to grasp my legs, pulling them apart so that he could position himself between them.

I grunted when he entered me and clawed at him, trying not to make any noise as he slammed his hips fast and furiously against me. My eyes were closed but I could hear him moaning. The pleasure was so intense, I felt like I was going to pass out. Sometime, later, I felt him convulse against me and then, collapse on top of me.

We stayed like that for a while and then, he rolled off and lay on his back. The only sounds were our heavy breathing and the faint sound of music coming from the sitting-room. Then, I got up from the bed and got dressed. He got up and reached for his trousers. “I’ll walk you back to your room,” he said.

“No, don’t do that. I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll have one of the men take you.”

“All right, if you insist.”

After we both got dressed, we went back into the sitting-room. I made sure I looked presentable before he opened the door and asked one of the men to escort me to my room. “Goodnight,” he said to me.

“Goodnight.” As I went down the corridor, I could feel him watching me.

When, I got to my room, I took a long, hot shower and then went to bed. The next morning, we met in the conference room. In the evening, he and I ended up bed again. We became lovers that year. I don’t know what made Hannah suspect that he was cheating on her but somehow, she did. I felt awful, especially when I was around her. The guilt was suffocating. There were times when I wondered if it showed on my face when she looked at me. When he told me that she knew that he was having an affair, I panicked but he assured me that she had no idea that it was me.

Last night when we were in bed, I tried not to think about how I would feel if I were in Hannah’s place and my husband was cheating on me. I tried not to think about anything. I just wanted to feel good. And he made me feel so good. Many times, I wanted to end the affair but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. He had never cheated on Hannah before and felt guilty about doing that now but he couldn’t bring himself to end our affair either. So, here we are, in the new year and he’s over there with his wife and son, smiling for the cameras and I’m over here, watching them, knowing that it was all a lie.

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4 Replies to “It Was All A Lie”

  1. Flee fornication. Guess if one wants to follow what the Bible says, she would have just resigned when she began to notice “un-secretary feelings” for her boss. May God give us strength to do what is right always, in Jesus Christ name.

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