Honeymoon in Praiano

They were in beautiful and romantic Praiano. After their wedding which was a small and intimate affair–a church service followed by a sumptuous lunch at their favorite restaurant, they went to his place where they spent the rest of the afternoon until it was time to head up to the airport for their flight to Praiano, a serene fishing town on the Amalfi coast.

They arrived the next morning and were anxious to get to their hotel. After settling in and showering together, they ventured out. They visited Parrocchia Di San Gennaro, pausing to admire its tiled dome before going inside. The small church had beautiful tiled floors and spectacular views of the sea.

They spent time in the piazza and then, went for lunch at Trattoria San Gennaro. “It’s so beautiful here,” Kalisha said. “I feel as if we’re in another world. A world where people aren’t staring at us because we’re a mixed couple.”

“Yes. I’m not getting dirty looks because I’m with a much younger woman.”

“We’re not the only May December couples here. I saw a few of them and they looked so happy.”

“While we’re here, we are going to forget about other people’s ignorance and prejudices. We’re newlyweds who are here to enjoy our honeymoon in this beautiful village.” He raised his glass of Chianti. “To us.”

She smiled and raised her glass. “To us.” They touched their glasses and then sipped the red wine, savoring its sweetness.

After lunch, they took a short walk to Torre di Grado, a tower built by the Spanish. Below it was a lovely bay where people could relax, have a bath and enjoy the sun. “We can come back here another day and go for a swim,” Joe said.

“Yes. And we can relax at Marina di Praia beach and find somewhere close where we can have lunch.”

An hour and half later, they returned to their classic room with its sitting area and terrace which overlooked the sea. They sat out there for a while, just enjoying the spectacular view before heading inside to take a nap before dinner.

On their first night there, they had dinner at the hotel. Surrounded by breathtaking view of the sea, they both enjoyed Grilled escalopes with scapece zucchini for the appetizer, Fillet in red wine sauce with baked potatoes for his main course and a slice of grilled sea bass with arugula pesto and confit tomatoes for hers. For dessert, they both had the Apple tartelletta pie.

After washing it all done with coffee, they went to the front desk which had arranged to have a taxi take them to Positano. They walked through the crowded promenade with its cozy cafes and souvenir shops. In the background the dome of Santa Maria Assunta church was visible. Kalisha loved Via dei Mulini with its cobblestones. They walked down a narrow street, pass a Delicatessen and paused at the foot of the steps leading to a hair salon and beyond.

Before taking the taxi back to Praiano, they went to Collina where they both got the Lemon gelato. “That was so good,” Kalisha said as they left there twenty minutes later.

“Yes, it was. Are you happy we came to Positano?”


It was eleven-thirty when they returned to their hotel. After he brushed, Joe got undressed and lay down on the bed, waiting for Kalisha. When she finally emerged, he asked her teasingly, “Do you usually take this long to get ready for bed?”

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She gulped when she saw him lying there on his stomach, completely naked. “I wanted to look beautiful for you,” she said.

His eyes which slowly traveled over her, darkened in desire. She was wearing a red Baby Doll Night Dress. “You look beautiful,” he murmured. “Come here.”

She went over to the bed and he rolled onto his back. Reaching up, he took her by the hands and pulled her down so that she was lying on top of him. Their eyes met and then, she lowered her head and kissed him. He grasped her head and kissed her back hungrily. Kalisha moaned against his lips as his hands moved down her back to cup her buttocks.

He rolled over so that she was lying on her back and raising his head, he parted her legs and slammed into her, making her gasp. The lovemaking lasted for a while and then he collapsed on top of her and they lay there, entangled on top of the sheets, panting. He buried his face in her neck and closed his eyes. She wrapped her arms around him and smiled, feeling blissfully happy.

The next day, they went on a full day trip by boat to Capri. They saw the picturesque Li-Galli Island where it was said that Ulysses saw mermaids. They cruised around Capri and passed the White Grotto, Arco Naturale, Casa Malaparte and Faraglioni sea stacks. They docked at Marina Piccola so that they could go for a swim, discover the Green Grotto sea cave and take an optional trip to the Blue Grotto before continuing to Marina Grande to where they spent about 4 hours of leisure on the island.

The day after, they took a taxi to Sorrento where they spent the entire day. They went to busy Piazza Tasso which was surrounded by little streets filled with places to shop and eat. They visited Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, the Cloister of San Francesco, the Cathedral and Bell Tower, Basilica of Sant’Antonino. From the terrace of the Villa Comunale, they could see the Gulf of Naples where Mount Vesuvius loomed silently.

They returned to Sorrento the next day. This time, they visited Correale di Terranova Museum, Museo Archeologico, Museo-Bottega della Tarsia Lignea and the City Walls.

The last few days they were in Praiano, they spent an entire day at Marina di Praia Beach, they went to Lizart Ceramiche where they bought beautiful pottery and ceramics as souvenirs for family and friends. “We should get a few for our home,” Joe said.

Kalisha loved it whenever he said, “our home”.

They visited Parocchia di San Luca Evangelista, Convento Di Santa Maria A Castro, a convent in Praiano which overlooked Positano and Capri. From there they could see the breathtaking view of Punta Campanella. They were impressed by the bell tower and the ceiling of the church which had images of Christ and the Madonna. On their last day, they took a water taxi from Marina di Praia to the Grotta di Suppraiano, a cave over clear turquoise blue waters and on their last night, they enjoyed a romantic dinner at Ristorante Costa Diva with its view of the sea and the surrounding lemon trees.

The next morning, they left their hotel for the last time.

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