Back in Chicago

Several weeks had gone by since their return to Chicago from Hanoi. It was casual Friday and she was on her way to do some shopping when Ryker walked over to her cubicle. Her gaze traveled slowly and deliberately over him. He looked amazing in the black turtle-neck sweater and the navy blue suit.

“Melissa and I are going out for a business lunch at one. We should be back around three. If anything urgent comes up, call me on my cell.”

“I was just on my way out but I should be back before one.”

“Where are you going?”

Water Tower Place. I’m going to Claire’s to check out their fashion accessories and to ECCO because I need a new pair of shoes.”

“Oh. That’s too bad. If I didn’t have to go to this meeting, you and I could have gone to the mall together and then, have lunch at Wow Bao. I’ve a craving for their Spicy Mongolian Beef.”

“Maybe we can have lunch there next week when you’re free.”

“That would be nice.”

“So, where are you having the business lunch?”

“At Aba, the Mediterranean restaurant. If the food is as good as I’ve heard, I’ll take you there for dinner one Saturday evening.”

“That sounds great. I love Mediterranean food.”

He smiled. “All right. Don’t let me keep you from your shopping.”

“I’ll see you later.”

“Yes.” He wished he could lean over and kiss her but there was the chance that someone could walk in at any minute and see them. They had decided that they were going to keep their relationship under wraps for a little while longer.

Since returning from Chicago, it had been tricky for them to keep their personal relationship separate from their working relationship. There were times when they were alone in his office that he could lock the door and they would make out on the sofa. More than once, they were interrupted by the phone or a knock on the door. They decided that they wouldn’t take any more chances like that until their relationship was out in the open.

Shaelyn got up and as she passed him, she murmured, “By the way, you look gorgeous in that outfit.”

“Thanks.” He watched her go and then, he headed to his office where he tried to concentrate on his work until it was time to go to lunch with Melissa.

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