Praise God for the Exodus

When Israel went out of Egypt, The house of Jacob from a people of strange language, Judah became His sanctuary, And Israel His dominion. The sea saw it and fled; Jordan turned back. The mountains skipped like rams, The little hills like lambs.  What ails you, O sea, that you fled? O Jordan, that you turned back? O mountains, that you skipped like rams? O little hills, like lambs? (Psalm 114:1-6)

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

God brought the people the people out of Egypt, from the burden of the Egyptians (Exodus 6:6-8). He kept His promise which was to bring them into the land He swore to give to their fathers and Jacob. He kept His Word which He had made to Abram in Genesis 15:13, 14. After the 400 years were up, God brought the people out of Egypt.

The sea and the Jordan couldn’t prevent the exodus. One fled and the other turned back. However, the mountains and the hills skipped. They rejoiced at the departure of Israel from Egypt. Praise the God for the exodus. Praise Him for delivering His people from the bondage of the Egyptians and for taking them to the land of their inheritance. Praise the Lord who keeps His promises and is faithful.

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