Our Last Night in Palermo

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For our last night in Palermo, I wear my new white halter dress. We are going for dinner first and then to an opera at Teatro Massimo. I’m so excited. I’ve never been to an opera before so I’m really looking forward to going. I check myself in the mirror, striking poses, hoping that I look amazing and that Rey wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off me.

Satisfied, I turn around and as I’m going to the bed for my shawl and handbag, Rey walks into the room.

“Wow! That’s some dress,” he remarks as he walks over to me.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do.” He caresses my arm, making my body tingle all over and my breath quicken. If that weren’t enough to make me swoon, he lowers his head and kisses me on the shoulder. His lips feel warm on my skin. When he raises his head, our eyes meet.

I swallow hard. I can hear how heavily both of us are breathing. “Rey…”

“We’d better leave now or we won’t make it to dinner or the opera.”

Sometimes, I still can’t believe that we’re here in Palermo and that we are officially sleeping together. Ever since that first time we made love, we have been making love every night–sometimes in my bed and sometimes in his and then, we fall asleep afterwards, wrapped in each other’s arms. I wish we could stay here forever.

We leave the hotel and head for the restaurant for dinner. As usual, we’re holding hands. It’s a balmy evening and I find myself looking forlornly at the places which have become so familiar to me. I’m really going to miss Palermo–it’s streets, people, food, culture, everything about it. It’s a place I will never ever forget and hope to come back to again someday with Rey. I glance up at him. He looks so handsome in his suit. I wonder if he’s going to miss being here as much I will.

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He turns his head and catches me looking at him. He smiles that smile which does such crazy things to my stomach. We went to our favorite restaurant where we are warmly greeted by the owner and his wife who are sorry to hear that it’s our last night in Palermo. “You come again soon?” he asked, hopefully.

Rey smiled. “Yes, we’ll come again soon.”

“Good, good.” He scurried off to bring a bottle of his finest red wine for us to try.

Dinner tonight is amazing and we leave the restaurant feeling very satisfied. We head over to Teatro Massimo to enjoy a night of opera. The opera was The Secret Marriage by Domenico Cimarosa. I enjoyed it very much. Loved the singing and the costumes. After we leave the theater, we go to the Piazza Pretoria where we spend a while.

I stand there staring at the fountain with its sixteen nude statues of nymphs, humans, mermaids and satyrs. Rey takes photos of me and we get another tourist to take photos of us together in front of the fountain. Afterwards, we walk to the Piazza Bellini and enjoy a coffee at Caffe’ Ideal.

It is after midnight when we return to the hotel. After changing, we finish packing our bags and then, we lay in his bed and watch a bit of TV. Then, we turn out the light and make love. It was a perfect way to end our last night in Palermo.

Sources: Wikipedia; Summer in Italy

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