The Interview, Buenos Aires & Plans for Uruguay

He stared at her. Did she have any idea of how beautiful and sexy she looked in that dress? She was making it really hard for him not to want to scoop her up in his arms and take her up to his hotel room and make love to her.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Nothing. How did the interview with Zelda Altermann go?”

“It went very well. She’s a very accomplished woman. And she shared stories about her family’s Holocaust experience which were the inspiration for many of her films. She spoke about an upcoming film which she is directing. It’s based on the true story a young Hungarian Jewish girl who fell in love with an older SS Austrian officer at Auschwitz.”

“That’s a very unlikely love story.”

“Yes, it was. Love is a funny thing, though. I’m sure that it never occurred to either of them that they would end up falling in love with the enemy.”

“What happened to them?”

“Well, he managed to save her older sister and her from the gas chamber. He couldn’t save her sister’s children, though. I can’t imagine falling in love with a Nazi if I were a Jew. It’s like a slave woman falling in love with her slave master. I couldn’t do it.”

“I wonder how the other Jewish prisoners and her sister felt about her falling in love with the officer.”

“I don’t know. I wonder how the two of them were able to conduct their affair and if the other Nazis ever found out about it. Any contact between an Aryan and a Jew was forbidden and the punishment if caught would be death. The Jewish girl and her sister survived the Holocaust and they both testified favorably at his trial while the other prisoners spoke of what a brute he was to them. Although the judge believed that there was overwhelming evidence of guilt in the officer’s participation in mass murder, he was acquitted of all charges because of the statute of limitations governing war crimes in Austria. Basically, he got away with murder.”

“I’m not sure I would want to see that film. Did you ask her why she was directing it?”

“She said that at first, she didn’t want to do it but her husband encouraged her to. He said that every story about the Holocaust, no matter how distasteful had to be told.”

“I guess he has a point.”

“So, Mr. Krasnova, what do you have planned for us to do today?”

“Well, I was thinking that we can tour Casa Rosada, the President’s Pink House.”

“It would be so cool to have an interview with the President. Did you know that he earned his law degree at the age of 24 and later became a professor of criminal law?”

“No, I didn’t know that.”

“He also served as the campaign manager and chief of staff for former President Fernández de Kirchner’s husband.”

“That’s very interesting.”

“So, after we tour Casa Rosada, what next?”

“Have lunch and then visit San Telmo and the National Historical Museum.”

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“Sounds good.”

It was their fifth day in Buenos Aires. They had done quite a bit of sightseeing since arriving. So far, they had explored Avenida de Mayo which was a 9 minute walk from their hotel and Buenos Aires’ most colorful neighborhood, La Boca, visited the Recoleta Cemetery and Museums and The Metropolitan Cathedral. They got around the city using the subte, part of the city’s Light Rail Line and Urquiza Rail system. It was a quick and affordable option, easy to navigate using maps which were available at subte stations.

“I was thinking that tomorrow we can relax by the pool or spend the day at the beach. The only problem is that the best beaches are outside of Buenos Aires. Some of them are over a 3-hour drive away.”

“That’s too bad.”

“How about we fly to Montevideo, Uruguay and spend some time at Playa del Buceo beach?”

“How long is the flight to Montevideo?”

“About 45 minutes.”

“Sure, that would be nice.”

“Good. We’ll fly out early in the morning and be back here in time for dinner.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Ready to explore more of Buenos Aires?”

“Yes!” She replied with a big smile on her face. She was having the best time of her life and it was all because of him.

“Let’s go, then.” He scrambled to his feet and, taking her hand, they headed off.

Sources: Daily Mail; Britannica; Planetware; Buenos Aires Travel Guide

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