Signing Papers, Borrowing Books & Making Confessions

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Daxon was on his way upstairs to change so that he could go to the beach for a swim when the doorbell rang. He went to answer it and was surprised to see Alecia standing there.

“What are you doing here?” he asked her.

She showed him a folder. “I brought some papers for you to sign.”

“Couldn’t they have waited until tomorrow?”

“I didn’t want to take any chances.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to go into work tomorrow and then you don’t show up because you have another off-site meeting or something.” The truth was, the papers were just an excuse to see him because he had been out of the office all day at the meeting which he had forgotten to tell her about.

“I will be in the office tomorrow.”

“Okay. That’s good to know.”

“Well, since you’re here, I’ll sign the papers.”

She handed him the folder. “I probably should have called before showing up like this.”

“It’s not a problem. Let’s go to my study.”

She followed him, her gaze surveying her surroundings. “You’ve got a really nice place.”


“It’s a beach house, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s nice to have a secluded beach to myself.”

When they reached his study, he took the folder over to the desk and opened it. He found a pen and began to sign the papers after quickly looking them over. She went over to the bookshelves to see what books he had. It was an impressive collection. “Have you read all of these?”

“I’ve read most of them. You’re welcome to borrow as many as you like.”

“Thanks. I’d like that.”

As she scoured the shelves, he went around the front of the desk and leaned against it, watching her. She was wearing a black blouse and a knee length pencil navy blue skirt. On her feet were strappy sandals. As she reached up to take down a book, his gaze dropped to her shapely calves. His eyes darkened with desire and his fingers gripped the edge of the desk as he fought the temptation to go over there and…

Alecia turned and caught him watching her. Her heart began to beat faster and she tried to act nonchalant. “Is there a reason why you’re standing there staring at me?” she asked, sounding a little breathless, much to her chagrin.

“I can’t stop thinking about how you felt in my arms when we were dancing or when you were dancing with Daryl and the way you moved to that song. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

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“And I wanted so badly to kiss you on the mouth but–“

“Daxon, you shouldn’t be saying these things to me,” she protested weakly. Did he have any idea of how badly she wanted to walk over there and kiss him?

“Why not?”

“You have a girlfriend, remember?”

“Alecia, Erin and I–” The ringing of the phone interrupted him. He had been about to tell her that Erin and he and broken up. “Excuse me.”

Saved by the bell, Alecia thought as she tried to steady her breathing.

Daxon turned and reached over to answer the phone. “Hello? Erin?”

While he stood with his back turned to her talking to Erin, Alecia quickly slipped out of the room. When she got to her car, she realized that she didn’t have the folder with the papers he had signed but she wasn’t about to go back in there and get it. Who knows what would happen if she did.

After dropping the books she had borrowed on the passenger-side seat, she started the car and drove off, her mind still spinning from the things Daxon had said to her. If only Erin weren’t in the picture she would still be in the study with him and they would probably be kissing like crazy. Well, the reality was that he was still in a relationship and as long as he was, nothing could happen between them.

“Erin, I have to go. Goodbye.” He hung up the phone. “Now, as I was saying–” His voice trailed off when he turned around and saw that Alecia was gone. The folder with the signed papers was still sitting on his desk.

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