Disappointments & Dating

It was Monday and the first work day of 2022. Alecia was in the office. She was surprised when she went in and Daxon wasn’t there as yet. Usually, he was sitting at his desk when she arrived but this morning, his office door was still closed.

She opened it with her set of keys and after sorting through the mail, she put his in the in-tray on his desk. The book he had been reading wasn’t there. Maybe it was in one of the drawers. She wondered if he was going to finish reading it.

She went and fixed herself a cup of coffee before getting down to work. The others started trickling into the office and after spending some time talking about how they spent their New Year’s, they got settled in. She kept glancing at the clock on the wall, wondering where Daxon was. Was he going to be late? Did he have somewhere to go before coming to the office? Why didn’t he call her to let her know what he was doing?

After what transpired between them at the New Year’s Eve party, what was their working relationship going to be like now? She couldn’t stop thinking about the two dances, the hug and the kiss on the corner of her mouth. How tempted she had been to turn her head so that their lips touched. She didn’t because of Erin and she wasn’t sure how he would have reacted. She wished he would come now so that she could go into his office and have a frank talk with him.

She knew that he was watching her when she was dancing with Daryl and that was why she moved the way she did to the music. She knew she looked good in the dress because she had seen the way his eyes had traveled over her when after arriving at the party, she and Daryl joined him and the rest of the group. She had worn it because it flattered her figure and made her look and feel sexy.

The phone rang jolting her back to the present. It was Daxon. Grabbing the phone, she demanded, “Where are you?”

“Good morning, Alecia.”

“Good morning. Where are you?”

“I’m on my way to the Houston Club.”

“What for?”

“I have an all day business meeting there. Didn’t I tell you?”

“No. When we last saw each other, you said, I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Oh. Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow instead of today.”

Bitter disappointment filled her. She had really been looking forward to seeing him and talking to him about things which would now have to wait until tomorrow. “Oh.”

“If anything urgent comes up, call me at this number.” He gave her the number. “Did you enjoy your long weekend?”

“Yes. How about you?” Did you spend it with Erin? she wondered.

“It was fine. Well, I’ve to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.” She hung up the phone and sat there for a while staring at him. He wasn’t coming in today. She would have to wait until tomorrow to see him.

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Daxon turned off his cell and slipped it into the right pocket of his jacket. Was she as disappointed as he was that they weren’t going to see each other today? To be honest, he had completely forgotten about the meeting today. Fortunately, he had called and checked his messages and there was one reminding him about the meeting.

All weekend, he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her and how sexy she looked in that dress. He enjoyed dancing with her and when she was dancing with her date, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Desire surged through his body. After dropping the enraged Erin home, he went to his place. Instead going inside the house, he went for a long walk on the beach to clear his mind.

It was after two in the morning when he was laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling. He couldn’t sleep. His mind was whirring with all sorts of thoughts and images. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw Alecia’s face. He had to admit that he was attracted to her but hadn’t done anything about it because of his relationship with Erin and his uncertainty about where he stood with Alecia.

Now that he and Erin had broken up, he wondered if Alecia would be open to having a relationship with him. Perhaps, he should wait for a while before broaching the subject with her. How would it look if he were to pick up with her so soon after his relationship with Erin had ended? No, he decided, I’ll wait.

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