Raoul Drops By

Valentina was sitting on her sofa, the television was on but she wasn’t paying any attention. She was thinking about Raoul and his fiancée, Galena. How she wished she hadn’t seen them together at the restaurant last night.

The doorbell rang. She got up, wondering who it could be. Her heart skipped a beat when she peeped through the keyhole and saw who it was. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door. “What are you doing here?” she demanded.

“I need to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“Will you let me in so that we can talk?”

“Fine. Come in.”

He stepped inside and she closed the door. She turned to face him. “Who’s the guy I saw you with last night?” he demanded.

“Not that it’s any of your business but he was my date.”

“Do you plan to see him again?”


His expression darkened. “Damn you, Valentina,” he muttered tightly.

“Damn me?”

“Yes, damn you for being with that guy. How do you think I felt seeing you with him?”

“And how do you think I felt seeing you with your fiancée?”

“She and I were engaged before you and I became involved.”

“It doesn’t matter when you got engaged, the fact is, you are. And your fiancée isn’t going to like you being here.”

“I didn’t come here to talk about her, Valentina.”

“No. You came here to blow off steam.”

“I came here to talk to you about your date.”

“What is there to talk about?”

“Are you going to see him again?”

“You asked me that question already.”

“I want a better answer than maybe.”

“What does it matter if I see him again or not? You’re engaged. When’s the wedding, by the way?”


“When’s the wedding?”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is be419f2399aaddd5accf021a10577a49.jpg

“I don’t know. We haven’t yet decided.”

“Well, whenever it is, don’t expect me to be there.”

“Valentina, I don’t want you to see this guy again.”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, Raoul. Now, I want you to leave.”

“Fine. I’ll leave but we’re not finished.”

“Oh, yes, we are,” she retorted and grabbing the door handle, she tugged it open. “Good night!”

He glowered at her before he walked past her and out of the apartment. She slammed the door behind him and locked it. Leaning against it, she closed her eyes. Her heart was pounding. Damn him for coming over here and upsetting her.

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