Alecia’s New Year’s Eve Date

“Are you sure I look okay?” Alecia asked Daryl. What she was wearing wasn’t your typical New Year’s Eve party dress.

“Yes, you look fine. Who are you trying to impress?”

She scowled at him. “I’m not trying to impress anybody.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Ok. Whom do you think I’m trying to impress?”

“Your boss.”

“Why would I be trying to impress him?”

“Because you like him.”

“Like him? In what way?”

Daryl smiled. “You know exactly in what way. Now, stop pretending and just admit that you’ve got it bad for the man.”

“Even if what you’re saying is true and I’m not saying that it is, what good would it do me? He’s got a girlfriend.”

“So? When has that stopped you from going after what you want?”

“What if he isn’t into me?”

“And what if he is?”

Alecia rolled her eyes. “You can be so frustrating sometimes.”

“And you can be stubborn sometimes. Now, let’s go and party the night away.”

“Thanks for doing this on such short notice. You saved me from showing up at the party alone.”

“No problem.”

“How come you aren’t with what’s her name again?”

“Brandi. Didn’t I tell you that she and I broke up?”

“No. What happened?”

“It just wasn’t working for me. She was too possessive. I can’t deal with clingy, possessive women.”

“Oh. Well, maybe tonight at the party you might meet someone else.”

“I’m not coming to the party to meet another woman. I just want to have a good time.”

“We’ll see what happens when you see a woman who tickles your fancy.”

“If that happens, then, it’s all good but, as I said, I’m not looking. I just want to have fun.”

“All right. Let’s go and have some fun.”

“I bet you can’t wait to see him, can you?”


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 16093014-portrait-of-african-businessman-with-hands-clasped.webp

“Your boss.”

“And I bet you’re wrong.”

“I bet you that he’s going to ask you for a dance.”

“Don’t be silly, Daryl. He’s not going to ask me for a dance.”

“Why not?”

“I told you, his girlfriend’s going to be there. Why is he going to dance with me when he could dance with her.”

Daryl shook his head. “You’re hopeless.”

Alecia grabbed her coat and they left. Every time she thought about seeing Daxon, her heart skipped a beat.

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