Antonia’s Dream

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It was a dream but it had felt so real. She closed her eyes as she recalled every single detail. It was on a late afternoon and she was in her bedroom, lying on top of the bed, crying because of the fight she had with Laird at his flat. There was a knock on the door. She didn’t answer because of the sobs which racked her body.

The door opened and she heard someone come into the room. She heard a voice say, “Don’t cry, Antonia.”

She stopped crying and she rolled onto her side. Her eyes widened when she saw Laird standing there. “What are you doing here?” she asked, hardly daring to believe that he was really there.

“I came to apologize. I was angry.”

She sat up. “No, Laird. You-you have nothing to apologize for. I’m the one who’s sorry. Will you forgive me for the awful and hateful things I said? I didn’t mean them. I was angry, hurt and jealous.”

“I forgive you, Antonia.”

“Oh, Laird,” she cried and rising quickly to her feet, she reached up and hugged him tightly, closing her eyes when she felt him hug her back. They stood there hugging for several minutes and then, he raised his head to look at her. Unable to deny herself, she reached up and grasped his head, pulling it down so that she could kiss him.

At first, he didn’t respond but then, as she continued to kiss him hungrily, she felt his lips move. And then, they were kissing wildly as passion consumed them. She broke off the kiss to rip open his shirt, sending the buttons flying. She ran her hands eagerly over his bare skin before she undid the belt on his pants. She hauled his pants down and then his underwear.

When he stood there naked, she frantically stripped, anxious to be rid of her clothes so that she could feel his naked flesh against hers. Then, she was kissing him all over, driving him wild until, he pushed her down on top of the bed. She lay there, panting and moaning as he covered every inch of her with hot kisses, driving her crazy. Her nails clawed at his back. She couldn’t wait to him to be inside her. She begged him and cried out in ecstasy when he entered her. The lovemaking was so intense, so real that when she woke up, she was tingling all over.

For several minutes, she had lain there, trying to catch her breath. She pressed her thighs together because of the curious sensation she felt between them. She rolled onto her side and hugged the pillow, burying her face in it.

“Oh, Laird…” she moaned. If only it weren’t a dream. If only he was in love with her instead of Martina. If only he was lying there in the bed beside her, still sleeping after a night of passion. She would wake him with kisses and they would end up making love again before showering together.

Forcing herself to get out of the bed, she went into the bathroom to clean her teeth and take a long hot shower. After toweling her skin dry, she got dressed. She didn’t want to leave her room to go down for breakfast. She wanted to remain there and relive the dream.

She stood there now, eyes closed, running her hands all over her body as she relived the dream. The sunlight streamed through the window alighting her flushed face. Her lips parted as she imagined Laird and her kissing.

Mr. Pendlebury watched her. The door was ajar and she was standing there with her eyes closed, touching herself. It made him extremely uncomfortable. Not wanting to embarrass her, he went away. Ever since Laird had told him the awful truth which had led to Karson’s death, he had been wanting to talk to Antonia but something was holding him back.

Perhaps, it was fear of what she would say or do. He hadn’t wanted to believe what Laird had said about her but it was the truth. And one couldn’t deny the truth, no matter how much they wanted to. He had to acknowledge it and then, deal with it.

What was she doing in her bedroom just now? Her actions seemed erotic. Was she fantasizing about Laird? He hoped not. If she was, she was only deluding herself.

Laird hated her. It was there on his face when he spoke about her. He hated her for what she had done to Karson and for destroying the brothers’ relationship. Laird vowed that he never wanted to see her again and he meant it. He had hoped that the four of them–Laird, Martina, Antonia and he would spend Christmas together but that wasn’t going to happen and it was because of Antonia.

“Oh, Antonia, why couldn’t you love Karson? Why did you have to fall in love with his brother instead? Your love for Laird has caused so much pain and heartache.”

Mr. Pendlebury dragged his fingers through his hair. He needed to get out of there and get some fresh air. Perhaps, he would visit the cemetery and pay his respects to his wife and Karson. He would stay for a while because it was so peaceful there.

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