Gina’s Ultimatum

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Gina demanded. “Why did I have to hear about it from Cam?”

“What are you talking about?” Matt demanded.

“I had to find out that Kira is pregnant from our son. Why didn’t you tell the last time we saw each other?”

Matt’s expression darkened. “Why exactly did you ask me to meet you here? Is it to do with Kira or Cam?”


“It’s up to Kira, not me, to tell you about her pregnancy. Now, what about Cam?”

“He mentioned something else too.”

“And what was that?”

“He mentioned that Melania was at your place.”

“Yes, she was.”

“How come she gets to visit you at your new place but I can’t?”


“And why are you letting her take my son to the park?”

“He’s my son too and we took him to the park.”

“She’s not satisfied with moving in on my husband but she wants to play mother to my child too. Well, I don’t want her anywhere near Cam.”

“Mel is family.”

“No, she’s not. She’s Kira’s family. She’s not related to you or Cam or me. I don’t know why he calls her his cousin when she’s not.”

“Cam loves Mel–“

“I don’t care. I don’t want her anywhere near him. Now, either you stop seeing her or you can forget about seeing your son. Your choice.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, yes, I am. If you think I’m going to divorce you so that you can shack up with that trollop and raise my son together, you’re sadly mistaken. She’s not going to have either of you, do you hear me. Now, it’s either her or Cam.”

“Damn you, Gina.”

“If you want to have Cam over for this weekend and spend Christmas with him, stop seeing Melania. She’s not worth you losing your son.”

“I’m not going to lose Cam. He’s my son and I have every right to see him.”

“If you go through with the divorce, I will fight you tooth and nail to make sure you don’t have custody or any visitation rights.”

“You can’t do that–“

“I can and I will. I will tell the courts that you’re not fit to be his father because you are an adulterer.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is large-1559559616-868f00d66dccae304632824d1a52320b.jpg

“You know damned well that Mel and I aren’t having an affair.”

“That’s what you say but how do I know that she isn’t over at your place when Cam isn’t there and that she hasn’t shared you bed?” Gina’s face was red with jealousy and anger. “If she were here now, I would scratch her eyes out. I mean it, Matt. Lose the little tramp or lose everything.” And with that, she turned and walked away.

Matt watched her retreating figure. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. Gina had just threatened to keep Cam and him apart if he didn’t stop seeing Mel. His hand tightened into a fist as he tried to control his anger.

He remembered his mother’s words when he told her and his father about his feelings for Mel but that nothing had happened between them. “Make sure nothing does or Gina will use it against you and you can lose custody of Cam.” Well, Gina had just made that threat and this was all because of something Cam said to her. Kids. Sometimes, they said and did things out of innocence, not knowing what problems this can cause.

Matt dragged his fingers through his hair. He had a choice to make. Cam or Mel. Gina was determined that he couldn’t have both.

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