Jitters, Reflections and a Phone Call

It was her wedding day. She should have been thrilled but she couldn’t help worrying that something might go wrong. What if Jerome’s ex crashed the wedding? What if she showed up and made a nasty scene? He had broken up with her many weeks ago and she could well imagine how that must have played out. If she were in the other woman’s shoes, she would have been devastated.

It was a beautiful day. The ceremony was set to begin in an hour. She paused outside of the church, before heading to where she and her bridesmaids were to have their photos taken. The cherry blossoms carpeted the way. Their light, sweet and refreshing fragrance filled the air. Soon, she would be walking down the aisle and beginning a new life with Jerome. Jerome. How was he feeling at that moment? Was he happy? Was he excited? Or was he worried that something could go wrong?

Jerome was in the lounge, sitting in a corner, having a non-alcoholic drink. His best man had gone off somewhere. He would reappear when it was time for them to go into the sanctuary just before the bride walked down the aisle. As he sat there, Jerome thought about the night when he said goodbye to Jemma.

He still felt cut up about it because she had been devastated. And it didn’t help that he had sex with her that one last time. He should have done the sensible thing and met her in the park or in some other public place instead of going to her place. He knew what would happen if they were alone and it did.

He loved Jemma whom he was going to marry in less than an hour but, she had been the last thing on his mind when he and Juliette were having sex. It had been like it had always been, passionate, explosive and unforgettable. Even now, weeks later, he couldn’t get it or her out of his mind. How could he be thinking about his ex on his wedding day?

What was Juliette doing? Was she in her apartment, crying her eyes out because of today? He half-expected her to suddenly show up and cause an ugly scene. What would he do if she did? Would he have her escorted off the premises or try to reason with her?

He had turned off his cell because he didn’t want her calling him. Jemma had advised him to either change his number or block Juliette’s. He hadn’t yet decided what he would do. It would be easier to block the number but for some reason, he wasn’t ready to do that.

He thought of Jemma’s question which was, “…if you and I hadn’t met, would you still be with her?” His reply had been, “I don’t know,” because he honestly didn’t know if Juliette and he would still be together if he hadn’t met Jemma. It was possible that they might still be together and it was possible that they might not be.

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It was his wedding day. He was about to marry the woman he loved. Juliette was his past. Jemma was his present and future. He resolved not to think about anything but what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life.

He finished his drink and got up. He went over to the bar and set it down on the counter. As he was on his way to the washroom, he was informed that he was needed in reception. He went there and the young woman at the desk told him that he had a call.

He took the receiver from her. “Hello?”

“Jerome, it’s Juliette.”

He stiffened. “Why are you calling me?”

“I–I need to see you right now.”

“Are you serious? In case you have forgotten today is my wedding day.”

“I haven’t forgotten. How could I?”

“Look, Juliette, I don’t know what you’re up to but–“

“I’m not up to anything, Jerome. I really need to see you. It’s very important.”

“Well, it’s out of the question. I’m getting married in less than an hour.”

“Jerome, please…”

No, Juliette. I’m not going to leave here to come and see you. Now, goodbye.” He hung up the phone, thanked the woman and left. On his way to the washroom, he wondered if he should mention Juliette’s phone call to Jemma. No, he decided. I’ll tell her after our honeymoon.

Source: Bridal Guide

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