The Last Day in Hanoi

She sat in her room. Today was their last day in Hanoi. In a few hours they were going to be on a plane heading back to Chicago. She didn’t want to leave. She was afraid that things would go back to how they were between Ryker and her–friends and colleagues–well, director and assistant. There was something about being away from home and being in another country. People tended to be more uninhibited. Was that the case with Ryker? If they were in Chicago and at one of the nightclubs, would they have been kissing like that on the dancefloor? She doubted it.

Perhaps, she was being anxious for nothing. It was obvious that he was attracted to her. The way he looked at her and the way he touched her spoke volumes. He wanted her. She trembled at the memories of their explosive lovemaking the night they came here after leaving the nightclub. He had ended up spending the night. After they finished making love, they had lain their, arms and legs tangle and had fallen asleep. When she woke up in the morning, she was alone. He had gone back to his room.

After languishing for several minutes, smiling dreamily as she remembered what had transpired the night before, she got up and went into the bathroom to brush and take a shower. When she was toweling her skin dry, he called her to tell her that he would be waiting in the lobby for her. It was going to be their last breakfast at the hotel. She was going to miss being there, so far away where they could be together, not as boss and assistant but as lovers.

On Friday, he had taken her to the beach and they were alone. It was as if they were the only two people in the world. They walked along the water’s edge, holding hands before going for a swim. Afterwards, they lay on the sand, enjoying the cool sea breeze and the warm sunshine. How she wished they could have remained there forever. Unfortunately, they had to return to the hotel because Gilles had invited them to have lunch at his home.

His wife, who was Vietnamese prepared traditional dishes. She was dressed in the ao dai, a silk tunic with pants, the national traditional dress in Vietnam. Shaelyn was pleasantly surprised when she presented her with one. “It is our gift to you,” she said.

“Yes, it’s my appreciation to you for doing the photo shoot.”

They gave Ryker a Conical Hat which he loved. Everyone laughed when he put it on. It was a pleasant afternoon and it was late afternoon when they returned to the hotel. They got back just in time to get ready for dinner. After dinner, they went for a walk and then, spent some time in the courtyard, enjoying the evening. It was just after eleven when they went to her suite where they spent the rest of the night. Early the next morning, he went back to his room.

It was time to leave this suite, she thought, looking around her regretfully as she got to her feet. Lots of memories. She took out her cell and took photos of the suite before she left it.

Ryker was in the lobby, waiting for her. He was sorry to be leaving. Being here had been a wonderful and exciting experience. He still couldn’t believe how different things were between Shaelyn and him. They were lovers–something he hadn’t imagined would happen but now that it had, he couldn’t imagine them being anything else.

He wasn’t sure of how it would affect their working relationship. He hoped it wouldn’t. He couldn’t imagine them returning to how things were before they came here and things changed but would they be able to separate their working relationship from their personal relationship? He hoped so or things could get tricky.

He wondered if they should make their relationship public or keep it under wraps for a while. He would have to talk to Shaelyn about that. In the office, they would try to be as professional as they have always been and out of the office, they could freely express their feelings for each other.

He stood up when he saw her and walked over, his heartbeat accelerating. Hanoi would always be a very special place for him. It was where Shaelyn and he discovered a new and exciting side to their relationship.

Source: Viet Vision Travel

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