Dinner & Dessert

Nita debated whether or not to tell Paul about her run in with Angie but decided to keep it to herself. No sense in spoiling their evening together. They were having dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. She had never been there before but had heard good things about it. It was a comfortable atmosphere with a touch of casual elegance. She liked it a lot.

“So, did you do a lot of shopping at Mayfaire?” Paul asked her.

“I bought a few tops and skirts. How did you spend your day?”

“I ran errands, went the gym. I was on my way home when I called you.”

“Which gym do you go to?”

“Anytime Fitness. It’s a great place. They’ve helped me to come up with my own fitness plan.”

“Maybe I should check it out.”

“You should. They’ll help you to build a customized plan which works for you.”

“Is membership expensive?”

“There are three plans. The 12 and 24 month plan are cheaper than the six-month one. I’m doing the 24 month one which is the cheapest.”

“I’ll check it out then.”

“What sort of things do you enjoy?”

“I like to shop, go for walks, work out, watch movie classics and British mysteries and read. I love to read. What about you?”

“I like to work out, jog, swim, listen to classical music and read.”

“What good books have you read lately?”

The crooked road and The secret.”

“I read the Crooked Road. It was so good. I love the first line which was, The fragrance of honeysuckle was all he remembered.

“Yes. It was a great book. I finished it in two days.”

She laughed. “I finished in two and a half days.”

“What other good books have you read lately?”

Dandelion Wishes. It’s a period drama which I love. The first time we meet the heroine, we learn that Peridot was the color of her eyes.”

“Wow, that’s an usual shade of green for someone’s eyes.”

“Yes. It is. I’d never heard of that color until I googled it.”

He had the Steak House Salad and she the Fresh Mozzarella & Heirloom Tomato Salad. For the main course, he had the lamb chops and she the Stuffed Chicken Breast. “What sort of music do you like?”

“Gospel, R&B.”

“What about classical?”

“I like Mozart and Chopin.”

“I like them too and Bach as well. There’s a piece by Mozart from his Great Piano Concertos CD which I think is his best. I’ll play it when I’m driving you home.”

“I loved the movie about his life. It deserved the awards it got.”

“Yes, Amadeus was a classic. I read the play by Peter Shaffer. It’s a fictional account of the lives of Mozart and Salieri. In reality, the two composers enjoyed a relationship marked by mutual respect. Salieri later tutored Mozart’s son Franz in music and he also conducted some of Mozart’s works in Mozart’s lifetime and afterwards.

“I’m relieved to hear that. When I watched the movie, I detested Salieri, thinking he was a monster.”

“Poor man. It was still a great play and movie, nevertheless.”

“Yes, it was.”

“I think I’ll have the Chocolate Sin Cake for dessert.”

She laughed. “I’ll be a good girl and have the Fresh Berries & Sweet Cream Sauce.” Their desserts came and they tucked into them with relish. They lingered for a while longer and then, after he paid the bill, they left.

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Half hour later, they were standing outside of her building. “Did you enjoy your dessert?”

“Yes. Did you enjoy yours?”

“Yes.” He was staring at her. “Have you ever been a bad girl?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“On who the guy is that I get to be bad with.”

“What about me?”

“What about you?”

“Would you get bad with me?”

“Would you want me to?”


“How bad would you like me to be?”

“As bad as possible.”

“Would you like to come up to my place?” she asked.


“Let’s go.” She preceded him into the building. They didn’t say anything in the elevator. He followed her down the brightly lit corridor. She opened the door and went inside. While he removed his shoes, she locked the door. After kicking off her shoes, she grabbed him by the hand and took him straight to her bedroom. She pushed him down on to the bed and as he lay there, she pulled off his top and tossed it aside. He watched as she loosened his belt and the button on his pants and unzipped it. She dragged it off and then, she quickly disposed of his underwear. He lay there, breathing harshly and fully aroused.

She quickly stripped and then, she was on top of him, kissing him. He reached up and gripped her head as he responded hungrily to her kisses. That lasted for a while and then, she pulled away to kiss him on the side of his neck, on his heaving chest, down to his stomach and lower. He moaned when he felt himself inside her mouth. He allowed it to last for a few minutes and then, he reached down and grabbed her head, jerking it away from him. He pulled her towards him and flipped her so that she was lying on her back. His eyes were smoldering with desire as he met her feverish gaze.

He devoured her mouth for a while as hunger consumed him and then, his lips and tongue covered every inch of her, driving her wild. He grabbed her legs and pulled them apart so that he could taste her and she gripped the sheets, moaning in pleasure. After she convulsed against him, he moved between her legs. “Open your eyes,” he muttered thickly. When, she did, he thrust himself inside her, making her gasp.

The bed creaked in protest beneath them as he slammed into her. She clung to his arms, her eyes wide as they met his. Then, unable to help herself, she closed her eyes so that she could enjoy the sensation of having him inside her.

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