A Night Out in Hanoi

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“Wow! You look amazing!”

She smiled shyly. “Thank you. You look amazing too.”

“Thanks. I’ve never seen you wear your hair like that before. It suits you and so does the dress.”

“Thank you. I don’t wear my hair like this because it’s so thick. And I bought this dress because I liked the style and color.”

“I thought that instead of having dinner at the hotel tonight, we could go into the city and have dinner there.”

“That’s a great idea.” She loved the idea of dining somewhere else instead of the hotel although she enjoyed the cuisine at the different restaurants. It would be a treat to see Hanoi at night. Ryker had taken her sight-seeing yesterday after they had lunch.

They got a cab and went to the Seasons Of Hanoi restaurant with its romantic colonial setting and its classic Vietnamese cuisine. Afterwards, they went to Infinity Club which was a local favorite in Hanoi. It was vibrant club scene with a spacious dance floor, impressive lighting, affordably-priced alcohol and a local Dj spinning hip-hop, house, trance and electro music.

For a while they stayed on the sidelines watching the crowd of mostly millennials before he suggested that they danced when the DJ started playing slow music. The last time she went to a nightclub it was just after she turned 21 and wanted to celebrate with her friends. That was before she started working with Ryker. They made their way to the dancefloor, his hand on the small of her back felt nice, especially when she noticed a lot of the women looking at him.

She smiled up at him as he took her his arms and they began to dance. It felt really good to be there with him. And he was a terrific dancer. She wondered what Melissa and Brian would say if they were to see them now.

As they were moving to the music, he lowered his head and began to kiss her. His hand in the small of her back held her snugly against him. She kissed him back for a while but then broke it off, and looked around, feeling a little self-conscious because she felt as if everyone was staring at them.

“People are watching,” she protested weakly.

“I don’t care,” he muttered thickly. “I’m sure they’ve seen people kissing in public before.”

“Maybe we should go back to the hotel.”

“All right. Do we go to your room or mine?”

“Mine. It’s closer.”

“All right. Let’s go.” He grabbed her hand and they left the dancefloor and the club. Outside, they hailed a cab. They got in and soon after he gave the driver the address of the hotel, he began to kiss her hungrily. He was so turned on that he didn’t care if the driver was watching them periodically. Her head was pressed against the back of the seat as he kissed her hungrily and fiercely, parting her lips for his tongue to enter and for hers to venture into his mouth.

They didn’t realize that the cab had stopped until the driver tapped the partition, startling them. “We’re here,” he said.

Flushing, Ryker took out his wallet while an embarrassed and dazed Shaelyn got out of the taxi. He paid the driver, giving him a generous tip before he got out. “Thank you,” he said before closing the door.

“Thank you.” The driver shook his head as he pulled away and chuckled. “Americans.”

Ryker grabbed Shaelyn’s hand and she almost had to run to keep up with him as they hurried towards the elevators. One came but it wasn’t empty so he had to settle for caressing the back of her hand with his thumb. Shaelyn leaned against the wall and closed her eyes as desire raged inside her.

The elevator stopped and the couple got out. As soon as the doors closed, Ryker pulled her against him and kissed her. She clung to him and kissed him back. Her knees felt weak. They exchanged hungry kisses until the elevator stopped. They broke apart just as the doors opened. He grabbed her hand and they quickly left the elevator and headed to her room.

She hurriedly opened the door and after following her inside and closing the door, he pulled her roughly against him. She gripped the sleeves of his jacket as they exchanged passionate kisses. After several minutes, he released her to drag off his jacket. Then, he scooped her up and took her to the bedroom.

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He put her to sit on the bed while he removed the rest of his clothes. His face was flushed and his breathing was heavy. She watched him with half-opened eyes. She looked as if she were drugged but she was extremely aroused. Her hungry gaze traveled over his incredibly sexy body.

When he was naked, he got down on his knees in front of her and after parting her legs, he moved between them. He caressed them, making her tremble. They felt very smooth.

He reached up and unbuttoned her dress. After sliding it off her shoulders and she had freed her arms, he pulled down the straps of her bra and pull it down so that her breasts were out. He buried his face between them before he took each nipple in his mouth. She closed her eyes and her hands went up to clutch his head, her fingers gripping his hair. When he was done, they were both panting. He rose to his feet and pulled her up.

He hauled the dress down and it fell about her ankles. After she stepped out of it, he turned her around so that he could unclasp the bra. He pulled her against him and while his hands cupped her breasts, he kissed her on the shoulder before pressing his mouth against the side of her neck. He pressed against her so that she could feel his arousal. Then, he drew back a little to kiss every inch of her back before dropping to his knees and pulling down her underwear. It fell at her feet. Holding her by the hips, he pressed his lips urgently against each buttock, making her moan.

He stood up and swinging her around, he held her tightly against him as he devoured her mouth. She clutched his arms as she wildly responded. Then, they were on the bed and she was lying on her back. He grasped her legs, pulled them apart and positioned himself so that he could enter her. When he thrust inside her, going deep, she gasped and dug her nails into his back as he began to move his hips. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the intense pleasure and love which he awakened in her. If only this moment could last forever. If only they didn’t have to leave this room or Hanoi…

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