On the Farm

“That was invigorating, wasn’t it?” Briony said, looking at Tadeas. They were standing at the paddock after they had returned from horse riding. They were on her family’s farm just outside of London. They had driven up there just after ten in the morning. It was a beautiful day so it was a treat exploring the many bridle paths, fields and streams.  While the horses grazed, they sat under a tree and talked. Two hours later, they returned to the farm.

Tadeas smiled, “Yes, it was. We must do it again some other time.”

“Don’t worry, we will.”

“This is quite a place you have here and those are some really fine horses.”

“Yes, it is. I loved living and growing up here as a child. And these horses were like family too.”

“I grew up in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, a village with beech woodlands and historic character. It’s home to the famous author, Roald Dahl. Great Missenden was his inspiration for many of his wonderful books and stories.”

“When I used to watch the show, Escape to the Country, Buckinghamshire was one of the places. It’s beautiful. I always fancied living there one of these days. I could go for long walks or just watch the the sheep and cattle grazing in the fields from my house.”

“Living in Buckinghamshire was wonderful but after graduating from Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, I was anxious to leave and study in London.”

“Which university did you go to?”

“King’s College.”

“Very impressive.”

“What about you? Which university did you attend?”

“Brunel University in London.”

“Do you miss living here on the farm?”

“Sometimes I do but, I love living in London. There’s so much to see and do.”

“Yes, London is a great city. I’m not bored living there at all.”

“Yes, and it’s an ideal place to work too. I know a lot of people who work there but they commute from Oxfordshire, Cambridge and Surrey because they love working in the city.”

“For me, the countryside is nice to visit on the weekends or Christmas holidays but I can’t see myself moving back to Somerset.”

“What about when you get married and want to start a family?”

“I haven’t thought that far ahead as yet,” he replied. He was twenty-seven so marriage wasn’t something he had even started to contemplate as yet. It was something he probably wouldn’t seriously think about until he was in his mid to late thirties. Right now, he enjoyed being single.

“I don’t suppose you would. You’re still quite young. I guess I think about it more because of my age.”

“You don’t look a day over 35.”

She smiled. “Thank you. I’m flattered you think so but, I’m pushing 40. Are you hungry?”


“I hope you don’t mind having Chicken and avocado sandwiches.”

“Not at all.”

They went inside the house and while he went into the washroom to wash his hands, she went into the kitchen to prepare the sandwiches. They sat around the table in the kitchen. “This is delicious,” he remarked after taking the first bite.

“Thank you. I’m sorry I don’t have chips to go with the sandwiches.”

“That’s all right. I prefer having the salad. Much healthier.”

“So, do you have someone maintaining the farm?”

“Oh, yes. My parents aren’t here right now. They’re in Manchester visiting my grandmother. They’ll be back on Tuesday but while they are away, someone comes and looks after the place. During the week, James, the manager is here running things. He has been doing it for over twenty years now.”

“Have you ever milked a cow?”

“Yes. And I’ve delivered a baby calf. It was such an amazing thing. I cried. Can you believe that?”

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It was an emotional experience for you, that’s all.”

“You’re right, I guess but my sister, Emily made fun of me.”

“Is she older or younger?”

“She’s older and she’s going to be a grandmother soon.”

“That’s nice. She must be very excited about that.”

“Yes, she is.”

“I still can’t believe that you aren’t married with children as yet.”

“And I can’t believe that handsome guy like you is still single.”

He shrugged. “I guess I haven’t really been on the dating scene much. My job keeps me busy.”

“Does your company have policy where employees can’t date each other?”


“Then, what about the women you work with? Aren’t you interested in any of them?”

“No. And, I don’t think I would feel comfortable dating someone I work with.”

“And dating your supervisor is out of the question.”


“I agree with you. It’s not a good idea to date a co-worker and definitely not a superior.”

“Let’s not talk any more about dating,” he suggested. “Let’s just enjoy each other’s company.”

She smiled. “You’re right. Would you like a slice of Gingery plum cake?”

“Sure. Thanks.”

They enjoyed the cake and afterwards, she took him on a tour of the rest of the farm. Then, it was time to head back to London.

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