The Night Before the Wedding

Laird was on his way over to Martina’s place when she called him on his cell. “Hi, Honey”

“Hello, my love. Where are you?”

“I had to pop by the office for a bit but I’m leaving now and heading over to your flat.”

“I’m not there. Come over to La Bonne Touche.”

“What on earth are you doing there?”

“I had to take care of a few things.”

“All right. I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

“See you then.”

When he arrived, the place looked like it was closed but when he got closer, he saw a light. He knocked loudly on the glass. The door opened and Martina stood there. His eyes traveled slowly over her. “Are you wearing anything under that coat?” he asked, his breath quickening.

“Come inside and find out,” she replied coyly.

He went inside, his heart racing. He watched as she locked the door and when she turned around to face him, he reached for her but, she evaded him. “No, not here. Follow me.” She led the way down a corridor and into a room. There was a massage table where a towel was spread and a few candles sat on the counter. “Take off everything except your underwear.”

“Are you sure about this? No one is going to come in catch us, will they?”

“No, my love. Don’t worry. You trust me, don’t you?”

“With my life.”

She smiled. “Good. Now, while you’re getting undressed, I’ll get things ready. You can put your coat and clothes on the chair over there.”

“It’s very warm in here,” he remarked as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“Yes, I wanted to make it nice and toasty for you.”

When he was finished undressing, he went over to the table. “Do you want me to lie on my back or on my stomach?”

“Lie on your back.”

He climbed on the table and stretched out on his back. He watched her as she stood there mixing something or the other. Underneath the coat which reached above her knees, he saw her calves and thought how sexy they looked in the high heels. He wanted to caress them. Heat surged through his loins and he closed his eyes.

“Good, you’re relaxed…”Martina started to say when she saw his arousal. She took a deep breath as her body reacted. First things, first.

She began to rub the oil which had a very pleasant scent on his arms first. Then, she spread it on his chest which was heaving. She took her time, enjoying the moment. His stomach contracted when she massaged the oil in. Next, she did his legs. She massaged his feet, kneading the soft fleshy ball of the foot, pulling on the toes, tracing around the heel and pushing deep into the arch.

Laird felt very relaxed. Then, he sucked in his breath sharply and his eyes opened when he felt her pulling down his underwear. He watched as she rubbed what looked like a different oil on his shaft. He was so turned on, he could hardly breath. “Martina…”

“Does it feel good?” she asked.

“Yes,” he gasped. “but, it would feel much better inside you.”

Martina gulped as he sat up and removed her hand from his throbbing member. He got down from the table and breathing harshly, he quickly loosened the sash on her coat. He parted it and groaned when he saw that she was buck naked. He pulled her roughly against him and ravenously devoured her mouth. She responded wildly to his kisses as she put her arms around his waist, moaning when she felt his erection pressing into her stomach.

For several minutes they exchanged frenzied kisses, then, he broke it off and released her to quickly spread his jacket, hers and the towel on the floor. He instructed her to lie on the heap and when she did, he stretched out on top of her and resumed kissing her. She reached up and clutched his head, her nails digging into his scalp. In the background, Vivaldi’s Cello Concertos played.

He drew back, his chest heaving and pulling her legs apart, he entered her. She gripped his arms, making soft sounds as he slammed his hips forward, burying himself deep inside her. Face flushed, eyes closed, he surged against her. The warm glow of the candles bathed his naked body.

When the lovemaking was over, they lay there for a while. “That was amazing,” Martina murmured.

Laird smiled. “Yes, it was.”

“As much as I love my parents and am fond of your father, I’m happy we didn’t go to dinner. Being here alone with you was the best way to spend the night before our wedding.”

“I agree.”

“I wish we could stay like this but it’s getting late and we have a very busy day tomorrow.”

“You’re right.” Reluctantly, he rolled off her and got to his feet.

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She stood up and pulled on her coat after draping his over the massage table. She watched him as he got dressed. When he took up his coat, she removed the towel and put in the dirty bin nearby. “I hope you enjoyed our last night before we become a married couple,” she said.

Of course, I did,” he exclaimed as he fastened the sash on his coat. “You have no idea how beautiful and sexy you look wearing just that coat.”

She smiled. “Thank you. After calling you, I stripped and then put the coat on. I wanted to jump you as soon as I saw you but first, I wanted to give you a special massage to relax you.”

“I enjoyed the massage and what transpired afterwards. It takes me back to our first date.”

“Yes. It’s something I still think about a lot.”

“Me too.”

“Well, I’d better get dressed, finishing up here and then, head home.”

“Are you going to be all right?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine.”

“Call me the minute you reach your place.”

“I will.” They hugged and kissed and then, she let him out of the salon.

She locked the door and smiling, she went to the room where her clothes were. After getting dressed, she finished what was left to be done. By the time she left the salon, it was after eight. She went straight home and as soon as she let herself into the flat, she called Laird.

They ended up speaking for almost two hours and then, she showered, had a sandwich and salad, watched some television before calling it a night. Every time she thought about tomorrow, her heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t wait to walk down that aisle and say “I do” to the man she loved.

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