With One Stroke

My name is Lyda Newman and I was born in Ohio.  I’m an African-American woman, inventor, women’s rights activist and a hairdresser. 

One day, I thought to myself, why don’t you invent a hairbrush?  The current ones were made of boar’s hairI wanted the process of brushing hair to be more hygienic and efficient.

So, in 1898, I applied for a United States patent for a new style of hairbrush and received it in November of that year.  My brush is the first with synthetic bristles.

87 Words

This was written for the Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox. For instructions, click Here.

Sources: Famous Women Inventors; Biography; Wikipedia; Lemelson Mit;

15 Replies to “With One Stroke”

      1. It’s important that I do this. So many wonderful stories which need to be told and be an inspiration for everyone, especially children of color who need all the role models they can get.

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    1. Thanks, Bill. It was such a pleasure writing about her. I imagined her asking herself why not invent a hairbrush that would work for her and others. I’m sorry to hear you no longer need one but am happy that you enjoyed the story and lesson 🙂

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