Mingmei’s Plea

Chinese Woman

My name is Mingmei and I’m in desperate need of your prayers.   My son’s school is teaching him and other children to hate God and to distrust their Christian parents. Before he started school, I told my son about God’s creation and he believed it. But after being taught at school, he is a different person. At school they are telling him to oppose his religious relatives and teaching him that believing in God is abnormal.

Last night, when I went to put him to bed, he said to me, “My teacher says that Christianity is a Xie jiao. If you believe in it, you will leave home and not take care of me. You might set yourself on fire, too.” I left his room and went to mine where I broke down and cried. My husband comforted me.

I tried to tell my son that Christianity isn’t antigovernmental of dangerous. It’s a religion about love for God and people–all people even those who were teaching him to hate our religion. But, he refused to listen to me. He said to me, “My teacher said to me today, ‘If your mom goes to church and believes in God, she doesn’t want you as her child anymore.'”

“That’s not true,” I protested. “It was God who gave you to your father and me. You are a gift from Him. You father and I love you. God loves you. Your teacher is not telling you the truth. What she is saying are all lies. She is teaching you to hate God and your parents. Believing in God is not dangerous and abnormal. Before you went to school and started believing their lies, you loved God and you loved going to church. You loved reading the Bible.”

“I don’t love or believe in those things anymore,” he replied. “Religion to a dead-end and if you and Father continue to attend gatherings, you get be arrested.”

He refuses to listen to anything his father or I say to him about God and church. He has been brainwashed by hateful lies and an anti-religion propaganda film which depicted religious people as monsters. I pray for him and the other children in his school every night. Only God can deliver them from the devil’s lies and hate.

Mingmei’s story is fiction but it is based on true stories. China’s Schools are teaching children to hate God and to distrust their Christian parents. When one boy who found a pamphlet about Christianity, he angrily started poking holes in it with a fruit knife. Parents of one child at the Xinzheng city school said their daughter was scared, fearing police would arrest her mom and dad.  In Xinzheng city in the province of Henan, a school held a special meeting to teach children how to oppose religion. In Linzhang county in the province of Hebei, students were told to “supervise” their parents to make sure they don’t practice religion.

According to a report on CBN News, “China’s communist regime is reportedly taking more steps to indoctrinate young children to ensure they worship the country’s communist ruler Xi Jinping instead of God.” Epoch Times reports that, that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is escalating its efforts to “groom” young people in China to have the “right ideas and thoughts” that are anchored in atheism. In February 2019, China introduced revised regulations on religion in February, which included banning under-18s from attending church or receiving any religious education.

Christianity Daily reports that, Teachers at school are left without a choice and required by the communist government to “make children reject faith from an early age.” A kindergarten teacher admitted, “They are still young and don’t understand everything. I don’t want to do this, but I have no choice: to meet the government’s requirements, I have to go through these…”

Please pray for these children who are being taught that Christianity is Xie Jiao which is a label used since the late Ming dynasty to indicate movements the authorities regard as antigovernment and socially dangerous. Pray for their parents. Their children who were once embraced their faith are now being taught to hate and reject it. The devil, working through the government, is denying children their right to know the God whom their parents worship. Pray that God will intervene and that He will deliver these innocent children from from the hands of the wicked and those who have caused them stumble (Psalm 140:4).

Source:  Christian Headlines; CBN News; The Christian Post; Christianity Daily

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