Silenced, For Now

Image from Wall Street Journal

Last night, we watched a documentary on Zohra, Afghanistan’s first all-women orchestra named after the Persian goddess of music and made up of girls and women between the ages of 13-20, from a Kabul orphanage, was created in 2010 as a symbol of freedom from Taliban rule. I was truly inspired by these gifted girls and women who found such joy in creating beautiful sounds with their instruments.

Sadly, though, their music was silenced after the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan. However, these young musicians have promised that they will be heard again. Check out this video to hear their story and their music.

Source: Reuters

8 Replies to “Silenced, For Now”

    1. You’re welcome, Michelle. I felt moved to share it. And you’re right, the current situation is heartbreaking. It’s sad when girls and women are denied equality. Music isn’t about gender, it’s about a gift, a talent.

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    1. I hope so too. And you’re right, it’s up to the people in Afghanistan to stand with them. Yes, we’re all watching and hoping that things will change for these girls and women who should be allowed to express themselves through their music.

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