The Wedding Luncheon

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It’s a beautiful day and I’m on my way to pick Mandy up. We’re going to the church where her co-worker is getting married and then, afterwards, we will head over to The Hampshire House on Beacon Hill.” for the reception which is a luncheon. I’m not really looking forward to going and I kept wishing that I could be with Jully instead. After she was finished with church, we could have arranged to spend the rest of the day together.

We had a blast at the game last night and after we left, we went to Froze Zone where we enjoyed their creamy frozen yogurt. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed frozen yogurt. On our way back to Boston, I asked her, “Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Sure. When?”

“After the wedding. I’ll take Mandy home and then call you We could arrange to meet somewhere.”

“All right. Call me and we’ll figure out where to meet.”

I was thrilled that I was going to see her and spend time with her. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come. After I dropped her off at her place, I went straight home, took a shower and spent the rest of the night watching Netflix. Then, I called it a night and read a psalm before hitting the sack. I didn’t fall asleep right away because I was thinking about Jully and how much I was looking forward to being with her again. I couldn’t wait.

Mandy is ready and waiting when I get to her place. She greets me with a big smile and a kiss. “You look very handsome,” she remarked.

“Thank you. And you look very lovely.” She does.

“Thank you. Let’s go.”

We leave her place and head down to the lobby. And we are soon on our way to the church which is about a twenty minute drive away. When we get there, people are arriving and making their way up the steps and through the open doors. Mandy introduces me to several of her co-workers before we make our way into the sanctuary and find seats. As I sit there, I look around, drinking in the décor. The church pews are adorned with floral bouquets tied with ribbon and the altar was decorated with florals. It was very tastefully done.

“The wedding decorations are lovely, aren’t they?” Mandy said to me, her eyes shining with excitement. “They brighten up the church and gives it a festive look.”

“Yes, they do,” I reply although I believe that the church would look fine without the decorations. It was a good size and had a simplicity and warmth about it which I liked. It was so different from the Catholic Church which is known for its opulence.

“Would you want a church wedding?” she asks, startling me.

I look at her, not sure what to say.

“There’s Randy, the groom,” she says.

I turn and look. I see a tall, African-American man standing on the platform between the minister and another man whom I presume is the best man. The groom is smartly dressed and from where I am sitting, he looked calm. If it were me, I think I would have been nervous.

A few minutes later, the bridesmaids come down the aisle. Then, the wedding march strikes up and we all rise to our feet with our heads turned to the rear of the sanctuary. The bride accompanied by an older man whom I assume is her father step slowly through the pews. I could see that she is African American too. She looks very elegant and I think she is smiling under the veil.

We sit and the ceremony begins. We watch as the couple face each other and exchange their vows. The bridegroom eagerly lifts the veil after the minister pronounces them husband and wife and he kisses the bride. Then, amidst cheers, they make their way down the aisle holding hands and beaming.

“They make a lovely couple, don’t they?” Mandy remarks.

“Yes, they do.”

We leave the church shortly afterwards and head over to The Hampshire House for the reception. I park in the Boston Common garage although there is valet parking but you have to pay a fee which I didn’t want to do. The wedding reception is in the mansion’s Library Room which is stunning with its intimate and cozy ambience. After speeches and toasts, lunch was served and it was amazing. I have the Caramelized Apple and Dried Cranberry Salad followed by the Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb. Mandy has the Garden Greens salad and the Herb-Poached Halibut. For dessert, we had customized Wedding Cake. All in all the wedding is a very pleasant affair.

“Would you like to go for a walk in the Public Garden?” Mandy asks. “I can do with a bit of exercise after eating all that delicious food and cake.”

I shrug. “Sure.”

Before we leave, she introduces me to the bridegroom and the bride. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Aaron,” the bride, Kellyanne tells me. “I heard so much about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you both,” I reply.

Mandy and I excuse ourselves and leave the reception. When we reach the park, we walk along the main walkways until we find our way to where the equestrian statue of George Washington is. I have my hands in my pockets so Mandy slips her arm through my right. “How was the football game yesterday?” she asked.

“It was great.”

“Who played?”

“The Massachusetts Pirates and the Frisco Fighters.”

“Who won?”

“The Pirates.”

“Did you go alone?”

“No. I went with a friend.”

“Did you guys grab something to eat after the game?”

“No, before.”

“I wish I could like football so that I could I have gone with you but I just can’t. I’m not into sports. I prefer museums, the opera, you know, artsy stuff.”

“It’s all right. Sports are not for everyone. Shall we head back now?”


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When we arrive back, she finds a chair and sits down. “My feet are killing me,” she explains. “I bought these shoes to go with my outfit.”

I stand there with my hands in my pockets. “It has been a long time since I’ve been to the Public garden. The last time I went there it was with my father. I was eight or nine at the time.”

“My parents took Cynthia and me there when we were kids. Today is the third time I’ve been there. There’s so much to see.”

I wonder if she wants to stay until the reception was over or leave before. I want to leave now but I don’t say anything. I wait for her to decide when she wants to leave.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good. Kellyanne was very happy to meet you. She has seen photos of you on my Facebook page and always asked when she would meet you in person. I promised her that she would at the wedding.”

“How long have you and she been working together?”

“For about five years now. She met Randy two years ago. He’s from New York. He moved to Boston four years ago.”

I wonder what Jully is doing right now. Is she reading her book? Is she thinking about me? Is she waiting for my call? Is she…?

Mandy stands up. “Let’s go back and enjoy the rest of the reception.” She reaches for my hand and I follow her back to the Library Room. We stay until the end of the reception and then, I take her home.

Sources: Inside Wedding; Wedding Wire; Telegram; Boston Central

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