Dinner with Terrell

I kept telling him that he was too young for me although I was extremely attracted to him but he persisted and that made me feel good. The way he looked at me made me shiver with delight. He was a fine specimen and I was tempted to take him up on his offer which was to go out with him. My friends encourage me to go for it.

My niece, Violet scolded me for turning him down every time he asked me out. “You’re going to let something as trivial like his age stop you from enjoying a gorgeous man like that? Aunt Winnie, you’re out of your mind. If I didn’t already have a fine man and your guy were interested in me, he wouldn’t have to ask twice. I would be all over him.”

“He isn’t my guy.”

“But he wants to be. Why don’t you let him? Life is too short. Enjoy yours. Go out with him. If it works out it, great but if it doesn’t, then, you move on but it’s better than letting the opportunity to slip by because you’re hung up on his age.”

“I don’t want to be hung up on his age but I’m pushing 45 and he’s twenty-something. He should be dating a woman in his age group.”

“Aunt Winnie, the only woman he’s interested in dating is you. Now, stop being so darn stubborn and tell him that you’d love to go out with him. Put the poor guy out of his misery.”


“You know that he’s the one you want to be with. So, just pick up the phone and call him.”

“All right. I’ll call him.”

“Yay.” Violet clapped her hands in delight. “I’ll leave you to it. Call and let me know what happened. ‘Bye, Aunt Winnie.” We hugged and she scurried out of the office.

I stood there for a while, my mind racing. I picked up the phone and then, put it down. I picked up again and then put it down. I did this three times and then, I worked up the courage to dial his number. He answered on the second ring and sounded surprised but pleased to hear from me. “Hi, Terrell, it’s me, Winnifred.” I sounded nervous and I felt like such an idiot identifying myself when he already knew that it was me.

“Hi, Winnifred,” he said in the soft, deep voice of his which made me shiver because it felt like a caress. “It’s good to hear from you.”

“I bet you’re surprised to hear from me.”

“Yes, I am but it’s a very pleasant surprise.”

“Terrell, I was calling to say that-that if-if you’re still interested, you and I can get together and-and–” Boy, I was really making a mess of this. I couldn’t believe that I, who was used to making public speeches, was stammering like this. What must he think of me now?

“Are you free this evening?” he asked.

“Yes, I–I am.”

“In that case, then, I’d like to take you out for dinner. That is if you don’t have any objections.”

“No, I don’t–have any objections, that is. I’d love to have dinner with you.”

“All right. I’ll come by your office at six.”

“All right. I’ll see you then.” It was a good thing I was wearing a black dress. It would work. “I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

“See you at six.”

I hung up and sank down into my seat. Pull yourself together, Girl. When he shows up at six, be the calm, confident woman you know yourself to be, not the stuttering fiasco you were just now on the phone. It took a while for me to pull myself together and get back into my groove. When, it was a quarter to six, I went to the washroom to freshen up. At ten minutes to six, I went downstairs to the lobby. He was already there, waiting for me.

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Heart pounding like a sledgehammer against my chest, I walked over to him. I couldn’t prevent my eyes from traveling over his tall frame. He was drop-dead gorgeous. The black suit and tee shirt made him look savvy and sexy. His eyes which made my blood hot slowly traveled over me before returning to my face. “Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” I replied, sounding a tad breathless. “Were you waiting long?”

“No. I got here five minutes ago. You look amazing.”

“Thank you. So do you.”

He smiled. “Thank you. Ready?”


We left the building and walked to where his SUV was parked. He opened the door for me like a gentleman and took me to a very upscale and cozy restaurant. Dinner was a wonderful experience. I had such a great time that I didn’t want the evening to end.

When he took me home and we stood outside of my door. I didn’t invite him in because I’m old-fashioned. We made plans to see each other again, though. I’m not sure where this will eventually lead to but at least, I’m willing to find out.

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