Cate Summons Edward

Edward had just left Gladys’ flat and was walking towards the back entrance to where the parking lot when his cell rang. He took it out of his pocket and answered on the third ring. “Hello, Cate.”

“Edward, I need to talk to you.”

“What’s wrong? You sound upset.”

“I am upset. Where are you?”

“I’m on my way home.”

“Could you come over to my place now, please?”

“All right. I’m on my way.” He ended the call.

Half hour later, he was with Cate. They were in the living-room of her flat which overlooked the Thames. He stood at the window, leaning against the ledge with his arms folded, watching her as she paced about the room, her face pale. “What’s the matter, Cate?” he asked.

“I ran into Derrick and his wife earlier this evening. They were just leaving the Savoy Grill where Daddy and I were going to have dinner.”

“I guess that must have been awkward for the three of you.”

“It was painful for me, seeing him with her. Derrick and I were like strangers. His wife looked at me as if I were a casual acquaintance of his. She didn’t act jealous or possessive at all and that could only mean one thing. I’m no longer a threat to her or their marriage. Oh, Edward, it was awful.”

“I imagine that it was.”

“She’s beautiful. I felt so plain compared to her.”

“Cate, I know I’ve said this before but I think it’s time for you to move on. Derrick has chosen to stay with his wife and work things out with her.”

“I still love him, Edward.”

“Does he still love you?”

“I–I don’t know.”


“Okay, I-I don’t think so.”

“I know this is going to hurt but you need to know. He never would have left her for you.”

“How-how do you know that?” she demanded.

“He told Gladys that even though he was in love with you, he never would have left his wife for you because she’s his life.”

“He-he didn’t have a choice. She probably refused to give him a divorce because she’s Catholic.”

“She had grounds for a divorce–adultery.”

“The Catholic Church does not recognize divorce because they believe that it goes against Jesus’ teaching that married couples whom God has joined together, no one can separate.”

“That’s what the church says but the Bible teaches that any man who divorces his wife for any reason except fornication and marries another woman, he is guilty of committing adultery. As far as God is concerned that marriage is still valid. In Derrick’s case, he committed adultery with you and that was valid ground for a divorce. If he and his wife had gotten a divorce they would not be allowed to remarry in the Catholic Church because that would be classified as committing adultery.”

“So, you’re saying that even if Derrick had left her for me, we wouldn’t have been able to get married?”

“You could get married but not in the Catholic Church.”

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“I wish he had left her. We could be together here in this flat or somewhere else.”

“Cate, face facts. He didn’t leave her and you and he will never be together.”

“As I stood there, I found myself thinking, if she fell off the edge of the world, Derrick would be free.


“I wish she didn’t exist. I wish something terrible would happen to her. I wish–“

Edward marched over to her and grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her. “Stop it, Cate!”

She slumped against him and began to sob uncontrollably. Edward put his arms around her and held her close. It occurred to him if Cate didn’t get help as soon as possible, she would suffer a nervous breakdown or do something drastic. No one in their family had ever committed suicide but he feared that Cate might decide to. He decided that he would sleep over and call a friend who was a therapist.

Sources: BBC Bitesize; Bible Gateway

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