Abebi’s Dream

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My name is Abebi and I’m from Bauchi, Nigeria.  I love school.  I love learning new things.  I want to become a teacher because we need more female teachers here in our schools.  More female teachers will encourage girls to remain in school.  I think girls will relate better to female teachers and feel more comfortable learning from them.  We can talk to them about things with them which we can’t talk to male teachers about like menstruation. And when girls grow up and enter puberty, a female teacher is better able to help the older girls one on one and discipline them.

Having a female teacher makes it much easier for the other girls and me to talk more openly in class. We can talk about issues that concern us. Female teachers are like mothers to us. They are nurturing. And they were once girls too and can understand how we feel and relate and can help us. More girls will come to school if at least one of their teachers is a woman.

I want when I become a teacher, my students chant my name when they see me coming. I want to be a role model for girls and have them come up and say to me, “When I grow up I want to be a teacher just like you.”

Most of the students who are out of school are girls but if they had female teachers, they would go to school and stay in school. Yesterday, my teacher, Miss Musa said to the class, “I’m dreaming of a day when more and more girls go to school and complete their education because there are more of us. Girls, as I look at you, I’m looking at the faces of future teachers, principals and role models for other girls.”

Yes, I dream of becoming a teacher and I know that one day that dream will come true. 

This story is fiction but the need for more female teachers in Nigerian schools is very real. “According to the research findings, female teachers have a substantial positive effect on girls’ educational outcomes. The presence of female teachers is a positive influence on parents decision to enrol their girls in school, by implication more girls will come to school, learn better and contribute to growth in society” (Premium Times). The greater the awareness of the need for female teachers in more schools, the greater the opportunities for girls to be educated.

Sources:  Vanguard; Global Partnership for Education

4 Replies to “Abebi’s Dream”

  1. LOVE this. I covered Bauchi State when I worked in Nigeria. Girls education is paramount to sustainable development. Though fictional it mirrors the lived realities of many girls and the value add of female teachers. You’re showcasing some very important life changing issues on your blog. Well done.

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    1. I’m thrilled like you loved the post, Dee and it’s great that you used to work in Nigeria. I’ve never been there but I’ve written stories based there. I’ve always been fascinated with Africa. It’s a sad reality for girls when it comes to education and other things. The more female teachers in their schools, the better. I’m returning to what Notes to Women is all about–addressing important issues which affect women and girls and raising awareness. Thanks 🙂

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