The Ex

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“I’ve been away on business before and you’ve never acted like this. What’s so different about this time?”

“I’m acting like this because you’re going to Detroit.”

“That’s where the convention is taking place.”

“How convenient!”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Detroit is where your ex-wife is.”

“Yes, so?”

“Are you going to see her while you’re there?”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because you’re still in love with her.”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” he demanded. “Would I be with you if I was still in love with her?”

“Maybe you’re still with me because you’re not sure if she’s still in love with you. I bet if you’d go running to her if she told you she wanted you back.”

“You’re being ridiculous, Deanah.”

“Don’t tell me that I’m being ridiculous. Two weeks ago when we were at Nick’s party when he mentioned that your ex-wife was dating again I saw the way you reacted and reality hit like a ton of bricks. It was obvious to me that you still have feelings for her.”

“You’re mistaken. Lanelle is my past and you’re my present.”

“I want to believe you but I don’t. I know what I saw. You were jealous–“

“I wasn’t. Lanelle’s love life isn’t any of my business. I’ve moved on and so has she. Now, I’d better go and get packed.”

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She watched as he walked out of the room. Pain and jealousy filled her. She didn’t want to believe it and had hoped that she was wrong but deep down inside, she couldn’t lie to herself. He didn’t love her and probably never did. And it was because he still loved Lanelle.

She knew that if they hadn’t lost their son, they wouldn’t be divorced. He wouldn’t have moved to Seattle and his ex to Detroit. They would still be living in Chicago and she wouldn’t have met and fallen in love with him. She wouldn’t be sitting here, terrified of losing him.

Her mother had warned her about getting involved with him. “I don’t think you should rush into a relationship with this man because he recently got a divorce. He might be on the rebound. You can get hurt if he and his wife decide that they want to get back together.”

Foolishly, she had pushed aside her mother’s concerns. “I don’t think they will get back together,” she told her. “Being together would only be a painful reminder of the loss of their child. It’s better for them to move on and start afresh. I love him, Mama and I know that in time he’s going to love me back. You’ll see.”

Tears spilled down her cheeks. It looked like Mama was right.

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