Joe’s Love Life

Joe was on his way to his car when his cell rang. He took it out of his pocket and as soon as he saw the number on the display, he answered. “Hi, Honey,” he said.

“Hi, Joe. Are you still coming over?”

“Of course. I’m heading over there right now.”

“All right. See you soon.”

He ended the call, slipped his cell back into his pocket and hurried to where his car was parked. It was after seven and the sun hadn’t set as yet. It would in over an hour or so. It was always a nice drive over to her place although the traffic was heavy. Everyone was anxious to get home to their families.

He arrived at her building about twenty-five minutes later, parked the car in the visitor’s section and went through the front entrance. It was a nice enough building but he couldn’t imagine himself living there. The elevator was there and he took it up to the seventh floor. He went down the carpeted corridor to the last door on his right. He rang the doorbell and minutes later, the door opened and she stood on threshold, looking up at him.

They kissed and then, she stepped aside for him to go inside. After she locked the door, she turned to face him. “I called you earlier but there wasn’t any answer.”

“I had turned off the phone because I was having a bite to eat at True Food Kitchen.”


“No, with Professor Harper.”

“How come you went there with her?”

“She invited me. How come you didn’t tell me about Brody?”

“You knew I had a boyfriend before we started seeing each other.”

“Yes, but I didn’t know that he was Marianna’s son.”

“So, you two are on first name basis, now?”

“Don’t change the subject, Kalisha.”

“I’m not. I just don’t like that you were seeing her off campus and that you’re calling her by her first name.”

“We’re colleagues. It’s perfectly normal for us to address each other by our first names.”

“I still don’t like it.”

“And I don’t like the fact that Brody was your boyfriend.”

“Why, because he’s her son? Would you have felt better if I had dated a guy whose mother you didn’t know?”

“When she mentioned your name, I was completely taken by surprise but fortunately, I managed to hide my feelings.”

“Good for you. I wouldn’t have been able to hide mine if I had walked into that place and seen you with her.”

“There’s absolutely no reason for you to be jealous of her or any other woman and you know it.”

“Professor Harper is smart and beautiful and she’s closer to your age.”

“Yes, she’s all of those things but, I’m not attracted to her.”

“But, she’s attracted to you. I saw the way she looked at you once when you were talking in the hallway. I was on my way to the library.”

“She invited me to go to a concert at Memorial Church on Saturday but, I turned her down. I told her I already had plans.”

“I guess you didn’t tell her that those plans were with me.”


“I wonder how she would have reacted if you had.”

“Do you want me to tell her about us?”

“Would you really tell her?”

“Why not? It isn’t a secret.”

“All right, the next time she asks you out, tell her about me.”

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“I will. Why did you break up with Brody?”

“You know why.”

“Was it because of me?”


“I wanted you the moment I first saw you but I didn’t think I had a chance because of my age.”

“Your age has never been a factor for me. I was attracted to you the first time I walked into the classroom and saw you standing there behind the desk. I looked forward to seeing you every week and thought about you every single minute. The nights and weekends were worse. I told myself that I was being a fool and that there was no way that you would be interested in me but nothing worked. I couldn’t continue to be with Brody when it was you I wanted to be with. So, I had to break up with him.”

“I’m glad you did. Come here…”

“Not until you promise that you’ll never again go anywhere with Professor Harper.”

“I promise.”

“Good.” She went up to him. “Here I am,” she murmured softly.

He reached up and grasped her hair at the nape of her neck, pulling her head farther back, his eyes darkening in desire as they met hers before his head swooped down. She pressed against him, putting her arms around his waist and closed her eyes when she felt his mouth moving feverishly on hers. How she loved this man. She couldn’t imagine her life without him nor did she want to. The important thing was that he was here with her now and that was all that really mattered.

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