Jokes, Geography & Lorelle’s Date

“So, did you have fun at Comedy Club with your friends last night?” Emlyn asked Rory.

“Yes, I did. I’m a big fan of Salty satire.”

“”What do you mean by salty?”

“It means witty, pungent, earthy. It wasn’t racy or coarse.”

“Who was the comedian?”

“Comedienne. It was Dyshelle Price.”

“The name sounds familiar.”

“It should. She used to date Lorelle’s brother, Mark.”

“Oh, yes. They broke up because she made a joke at one Lorelle’s family’s Thanksgiving dinners but unfortunately for her, no one else thought that it was funny. Lorelle said that it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop and then, her mother had a few choice words for Dyshelle. She didn’t stay for dinner but left. Mark didn’t bother to take her home.”

“How embarrassing for her.”

“I guess not everyone appreciates her kind of humor.”

“I guess not.”

“Anyway, I read the other day that she’s engaged.”

“I guess she got over Mark.”

“I guess she did.”

“After the show, we met Dyshelle and she seemed very nice. She even had a drink with us.”

“Was her fiancé there?”


“I saw a picture of him. He reminds me a little of Rafael.”


“Yes, I guess it’s because they are both Latin American.”

“Rafael is South American.”

“Oh, yes. Argentina is in South America. Dyshelle’s fiancé is from Belize.”

Rory smiled. “Geography wasn’t your strong subjects was it?”

“It was one of my least favorite subjects.”

“How come?”

“I found it very boring.”

“Maybe it was how it was taught. I had wonderful teachers and it was because of them that I developed a love for traveling.”

“You don’t have to love Geography to have the travel bug.”

“I guess not.”

“All this talk about travel has put me in the mood for Latin food.”

Rory smiled. “All right, we’ll have dinner at Savorez.” Savorez was her favorite restaurant.

“I might have asked Lorelle to join us but she’s having dinner with Rafael.”

Rory stared at her. “Lorelle’s having dinner with Rafael?”

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“Yes. Isn’t that exciting? He’s taking her for dinner first and then to a Jazz club.”

“I didn’t know that they were seeing each other.”

“This is their first date.”


“I thought you would be as thrilled about it as I am.”

“I don’t think we should get our hopes up.”

“I guess you’re right but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out.”

Rory didn’t answer. Lorelle’s date with Rafael bothered him more than he wanted to admit.

Sources: The Free Dictionary; Fantasy Name Generators

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