Shopping for Melania’s Birthday Present

It was Civic Holiday and Matt was at Yorkdale Mall shopping for a birthday present for Melania. Her birthday was on Friday. He wanted to get her something nice, something she would really like but he wasn’t sure what that would be. He was tempted to call Kira for ideas but decided that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea just like inviting Melania to have lunch with him at his place last week Sunday.

He remembered how she had gotten a bit of sauce on her chin and he had wiped it away with his thumb. Her skin felt so soft. They had stared at each other for several minutes then, her eyes dropped to his mouth and when he saw her lips part, he was tempted to kiss her. In fact, he was going to but then, Cam came out onto the terrace and over to the table, rubbing his eyes. He had just woken from his nap. If he hadn’t been there, he and Melania would have kissed. And, who knows what else might have transpired.

He excused himself and went and fixed something for Cam to eat. The three of them sat on the terrace and while he and Melania finished their pasta, Cameron enjoyed a fruit smoothie. Melania spent the afternoon with them, sitting on the sofa with Cam between Matt and her and they watched Willy Winky. Then, it was time for Melania to leave. After she hugged Cam, she left the living-room. Matt followed her.

“Thanks for lunch,” she said when they were standing in the foyer. “The Baked ziti was absolutely delicious.”

He smiled. “I’m happy that you enjoyed it.”

“I did. I enjoyed every moment.”

“Me too.”

Neither of them mentioned how they almost kissed but it was on their minds. “Goodbye, Matt.”

“Call me.”

“I will,” she promised. “Goodbye.”

He opened the door for her and they hugged before she left. They waved to each other before he closed the door and joined Cam in the living-room. He and Cam watched cartoons and then, he took him to the playground for a while.

Gina picked him up early that evening. They were waiting for her at the front of the condo building. When Cam saw her, he ran to her. She bent over and hugged him. “Hello, Matt,” she said when she stood up.

“Hello, Gina.”

“Did you two have a good time?”

“We always do.”

“Any plans for tomorrow?”


“I hope they’re not with Melania.”

His eyes narrowed but he didn’t answer.

“I hope for her sake that she’s keeping her promise.”

“Her promise?”

“To stay away from you.”

It was on the tip of his tongue to tell her it was he who had broken his promise. Instead, he squatted and hugged Cam. “‘Bye, Cam,” he said. “I’ll see you again next weekend.”

“‘Bye, Daddy.”

Matt rose to his feet. “Goodbye, Gina.”

“Don’t I get a hug too?”


Her mouth tightened. “Fine! Come along, Cameron.” She grabbed his hand and walked off, fuming. Matt watched them go and then, he turned and went through the revolving doors. That night Gina called him but he didn’t answer and he let the machine pick up. This morning after breakfast, he forced himself to listen to the message. It was her telling him that she was going to bring Cam around Saturday afternoon instead of in the morning because she had to take her mother for a dental appointment.

Instead of taking the subway, he drove to Yorkdale and was able to get parking close the entrance to the Bay. After hours of wandering in and out of stores and shops, he finally found what he was looking for at Pandora. It was the Pandora Moments Heart Closure Snake Chain Bracelet. “The special lady in your life will definitely love this,” the woman who said to him.

He smiled and thanked her for her help. After he left there, he went and bought a birthday card and then had the gift wrapped. He left the mall, thankful that he had found something that Melania would definitely like. He couldn’t wait to see her face when she saw it.

Source: Healthline

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