Two Things About God

But the Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord still rules from heaven.  He watches everything closely, examining everyone on earth (Psalm 11:4)

Photo by Nashua Volquez-Young from Pexels

There are two things about God which comfort me.  The first is that He is in control.  The second is, nothing happens without His knowledge.  

12 Replies to “Two Things About God”

  1. Ain’t He a wonderful amazing God!!!! There aren’t enough adjectives to describe Him adequately. And as David said we’d fill up all the books in the world trying to describe Him and still would only scratch the surface ‘cause He’s GOD!!

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    1. Yes, He is! I still can’t get over the fact that such a wonderful and amazing God wants to fellowship with us. And you’re right, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe Him. Yes, He is GOD and worthy of our praise, worship, adoration, exaltation, etc.

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