The Mysterious Sister

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Sister Riegel was making her rounds, checking on the girls in the dorm before retiring for the night. She was heading down the corridor when she noticed someone standing outside of Monifa’s room. It was another nun. She called out to her. “Sister.”

The figure stood still but didn’t turn around.

“Sister,” she called again as she approached, treading lightly.

The figure moved away from the door and hurried down the corridor in the opposite direction. Puzzled, Sister Riegel went to Monifa’s room and slowly opened the door. She went inside and over to the bed. The girl was fast asleep.

Sister Riegel quietly slipped out and after closing the door behind her, she locked it. She would open it first thing in the morning. After checking on the other girls, she went to her room.

As she got ready for bed, she thought about the Sister and wondered again why she had scurried off like that. Which Sister was it and why was she just standing outside of Monifa’s room? It looked like she was about to open the door but froze when she called out to her. If she was there to check on Monifa, why didn’t she just go in? And why didn’t she turn around when she called out to her? The whole thing gave her an unsettling feeling. She decided that she would see Father Kiesler about the incident and keep a watchful eye on Monifa.

The following morning after breakfast, she went to the parish office to see Father Kiesler. Gracelyn was standing at the window looking out as she drank her tea. She turned when the nun entered the room. “Good morning, Sister Riegel,” she said, greeting her with a smile which faded when she saw the expression on her woman’s face.

“Good morning, Miss Mueller. Is Father Kiesler in?”

“Not as yet but he should be here any time soon.”

“Do you mind if I waited in his office?”

“Sure. I’ll open it for you.” She set her cup down on the desk, picked up the keys and went to unlock the door to the other office. “Would you like a cup of tea while you wait?”

“No, thank you.” Sister Riegel went inside the office and stood at the window, looking out.

The telephone rang and Gracelyn answered it. It was Father Kiesler calling to say that he was running late and that he would be there in half-hour. She didn’t mention that Sister Riegel was waiting for him. Getting up from her desk, she went into this office. “Father Kiesler just telephoned to say that he’s running late and will be here in half-hour. Would you like to continue to wait for him or come back later?”

“I will leave a note for him.”

“All right. There’s paper and pen on the desk.” She turned and left.

Sister Riegel took a sheet of paper and wrote a message. After folding the note, she placed it on top of the keyboard and left the office. Sisters Feldmann and Paschek were there. After she exchanged greetings with them, she said to Gracelyn, “I left a note for Father Kiesler on his keyboard.”

“I will mention your visit and the note as soon as he gets here.”

“Thank you, Miss Mueller .”

“You’re welcome, Sister Riegel.”

After leaving the office, Sister Riegel went for a walk, trying to clear her head. She wondered now if she should have gone to the rectory to see Father Kiesler instead of leaving the note. She was anxious to tell him about the mysterious Sister she had seen lurking outside of Monifa’s room. When she saw the girl that morning, she was tempted to mention the incident to her but not wanting to frighten her, she held her peace. That evening when Father Kiesler and she met in the sacristy, he would determine what would be the best thing to do.

She went to the lake and stood looking down at the still water as it shimmered in the sunlight. There was something about still waters which calmed the soul but today, she couldn’t shake the uneasiness. After leaving there, she walked along the path where Sister Augustin had her accident. She stopped and said a prayer before continuing on.

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About an hour later, while Sister Riegel was at Midmorning Prayer, the Sister stood there, looking up at the ceiling above her head. They were up there in the little “secret” room–Father Kiesler and that girl. She knew what they were doing and it sickened her.

That night in the library wasn’t the only time she had seen them together. The first time was last year, late September. One night, she had spotted the girl sneaking out of the dorm and had followed her. She saw her go into the rectory.

For several minutes, she had stood there in the shadows watching the building. Then, she had made her way cautiously over to it. The door wasn’t locked so she opened it. The faint light of the moon streamed through the windows. She quietly tiptoed down the corridor and stopped outside of Father Kiesler’s room. The door was slightly ajar and she peered in.

There they were, naked in the bed. The girl was on top as he lay there flat on his back with his eyes closed, moaning. His hands were gripping her legs as she moved up and down, her head thrown back, grunting. Beneath them, the bed creaked.

She backed away, her face white as a sheet. Clamping her hand over her mouth as she fought the urge to gag, she slipped out and ran from the place as fast as her legs could carry her.

When she had gone some distance away from the rectory, she leaned against a tree, her heart pounding. Hatred for the girl rose in her throat like bile. One way or the other, she was going to get rid of her. She had bewitched the man of God and was causing him to sin. If she didn’t do something, he would be caught and defrocked and disgraced. She didn’t care what happened to the wretched girl. All she cared about was Father Kiesler. He was above reproach until that little harpy got her claws in him.

Now as she stood there, she thought about how lucky the girl was that Sister Riegel had caught her outside of her room just as she was about to open the door and go inside. Well, the girl was lucky then but maybe she wouldn’t be the next time. In the meantime, she had to be careful not to be seen lurking in the corridor of the dorm again. It would only rouse suspicion. She would have to find another, less risky way to get rid of this little problem once and for all.

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