Not a Total Waste

Melania lay on her bed. It was Canada Day but she wasn’t in any mood to celebrate. Her Aunt Kira had invited her to spend the day with her and Uncle Joel but she declined. “I’ll spend a quiet day today,” she said.

“Are you sure?” Kira asked her. “Joel and I would love to have you over.”

“I know but I just feel like being alone right now.”

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I just want to have a quiet day, that’s all. Thanks for calling and for inviting me. Please say hello to Uncle Joel for me.”

“I will. Call me if you need anything.”

“I will, Aunt Kira. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Honey.”

Melania hung up the phone. She continued lying there. Usually, she spent Canada Day with family or friends but this year, she wasn’t in the mood to spend it with anyone, except…She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him ever since they saw each other at his father’s birthday party.

She sighed as she remembered how good he looked in the suit and the way he looked at her when he told her that she looked great. And when he said that if they went on the terrace alone, he would be tempted to kiss her in a dark corner, she was turned on. How many times had she imagined them kissing? When they were dancing, she wished that they were alone at her apartment, their arms around each other and their bodies touching.

She knew that if they were alone at her place or his, they would have ended up in bed. How she wished he weren’t married. Why couldn’t she and he have met before he met Gina? If they had, they would be dating, she was sure of it. Gina wouldn’t be his wife. The only good thing which had come out of the marriage was little Cameron. She adored the little guy because he looked so much like Matt. And then, there was the baby on the way…

She sighed heavily. Why did life and love have to be so complicated? Why was it that women like Gina ended up with men like Matt? Life wasn’t fair. Sometimes people got dealt a bad hand like Matt.

Matt, what are you doing now? Are you with Gina and Cam for Canada Day? I wish things could be like they were before when we used to talk to each other–be friends. Friends. There was no way they could be just friends anymore. Their growing feelings and attraction made that impossible. She couldn’t hug him anymore because that would be her undoing. The last time they hugged, it was bittersweet torment. He felt so good and she wanted to remain in his arms. If they hadn’t been in public, she felt sure that they might have kissed. She closed her eyes as her body reacted at the thought of his lips on hers…

Matt lay there in the bed, shirtless. He had showered after his ride and had something to eat. For a couple of hours he watched television but got bored and decided that he would relax in bed. In the background, the radio was playing Tears Hidden in the Rain. The haunting and beautiful notes of the piano made him think of Melania and wish that she was there with him.

What was she doing? Was she with Kira and Joel or with friends? Maybe he should have arranged to spend Canada Day with her. There were lots of things they could have done like roller skating, go to an outdoor music festival, go to the races or visit the Toronto Islands. It was too late now to do any of those things. The day was almost over.

He reached for the phone and punched in the numbers. She answered on the second ring. “Hi, Matt.” She sounded very pleased to hear from him.

“Hello, Mel. I wasn’t sure that you would be home.”

“I wasn’t sure that you would be home either. I’m glad you called.”

“I thought you would have been with Joel and Kira or your friends.”

“And I thought that you would have been with Gina and Cam.”

“They are with her parents.”

“Oh. So, you spent the day alone?”

“Yes. And you?”


“Maybe we should have spent it together.”

“Yes, maybe we should have.”

“Cam is going to be here over the weekend. I’m thinking of taking him to Centreville Amusement Park on Saturday. Would you like to come?” Nothing was bound to happen between them with Cam around and besides, they were going to be out in public.

“Sure. I’ve never been there.”


She laughed. “I know, it’s shocking, isn’t it?”

“It is surprising, yes. Joel and I went there when we were kids and we loved it.”

“I’m sure Cam and I will too.”


They chatted for a while and two hours later when Matt hung up, he was in much better spirits. Canada Day wasn’t a total waste after all, Melania thought as she got up to fix herself an egg sandwich and salad for dinner.

Posted for July 2021 Writing Prompts – #24 – Tears hidden in the rain

Sources: BlogTO; Daily Hive; Help We’ve Got Kids

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