Matt and Melania Dance

He watched as his parents danced to their favorite song, Moondust and Magic. They looked so happy and still very much in love after all these years of marriage. Growing up, he had never seen them cross with each other or heard them exchange angry words. Their marriage was the kind he had aspired to have for himself. Unfortunately, it happened for Joel and Kira but not for him and Gina.

Gina. He felt the anger rising and he forcibly pushed it down. He was determined not to let what happened between them ruin his father’s celebration. As soon as he felt it was the right time, he would announce his plans for a divorce to them. Tonight was theirs and he wanted them to enjoy every single moment.

His gaze shifted to Joel and Kira who were dancing. They looked so happy and in love. Why couldn’t he have met a woman like Kira? Or better yet, why couldn’t he have met Melania before he met Gina? If he had, he never would have pursued Gina, let alone marry her.

He had thought of asking Melania to dance but thought better of it. They hadn’t said much to each other all evening. He watched her as she talked to his cousin, Marilyn and her husband, Sean. She looked amazing in the black dress which hugged her figure and revealed her legs. He glanced away when he felt himself becoming aroused. He wished he could have something strong to drink but he was driving.

Melania went over to him. “Hi,” she said.

“Hi, Mel.”

“Are you all right?”

“I’ve been better.”

“You came alone.”

“Yes. Gina couldn’t make it.”

“Oh.” She couldn’t say that she was sorry about that.

“You look great.”

“Thanks. So do you.”

“They look very happy, don’t they?”


“My parents.”

“Yes, they do.”

“Joel and Kira too.”

“Yes. They’re perfect for each other like your parents.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking before you joined me.”

“Not everyone is fortunate to have what they have.” You’re the perfect man for me but you’re married, even if you and your wife are separating.

“You’re right. We’re not all lucky in love or marriage.”

“Would you like to go somewhere quiet where we can talk?”

He shook his head at once. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Mel.”

“But, you look like you need to get something off your chest.”

“I already did that earlier today with Joel. Besides, I came here to enjoy myself.”

“But, you don’t look like you are, Matt.”

“Mel, you and I both know what would happen if you and I were alone.”

“We can go out on the terrace and sit or stand where we can be seen.”

“And what happens if I’m tempted to take you over to a dark corner on the terrace and kiss you?”

She felt her body react to the thought of them kissing. Expelling her breath, she said, “You’re right. Let’s stay here and talk.”

“Or, we can dance.”

“Are you sure?”

“We will pretend that we’re seniors at our high-school prom and there are chaperones everywhere, watching us to make sure we don’t do anything we shouldn’t.” He set his glass down and stood up.

She rose to her feet and followed him to where the others were dancing. They faced each other and heart pounding, she moved into his arms and they began to move to the music. He was a terrific dancer.

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Matt held her at a respectable distance but how his body ached to feel hers against it. He deliberately kept his gaze above her head and concentrated on moving to the music. Kira and Joel glanced at them a couple of times.

To the other guests, it seemed perfectly natural for Matt and Melania to be dancing with each other. None of them had any clue how hard it was for him to resist the temptation to hold her close–so close that she could heard the pounding of his heart and feel his desire for her.

Melania wished that they weren’t there at his father’s birthday party but at her flat, dancing. Instead of there being any space between them, she would be resting her head against his chest as he held her close, their bodies moving ever so slowly to the music. Stop dreaming, she chided herself. Stop wanting something that isn’t possible.

When the dance was over, Matt released her, his expression tense as their eyes met. “Thanks for the dance,” he said quietly.

“You’re welcome,” she replied huskily. She excused herself and went over to join Kira and Joel.

“Are you all right?” Kira asked, studying her closely.

“Yes, Aunt Kira, I’m fine. I think I’ll have another slice of the carrot cake.”

Joel left them to join Matt who had gone out on to the terrace. Matt stood with his back to the sliding doors. Joel went up to him and put his hand on his shoulder. “Are you all right, Bro?”

Matt nodded. “Yes.”

Joel didn’t believe him, of course but, he didn’t press the matter. They stayed out there on the terrace for a while and then rejoined the others.

For the rest of the night, Matt and Melania avoided each other.

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