Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers is the daughter of a police officer and nurse. Since childhood, she wanted to be a published writer. Before she realized her dream, she was a newspaper reporter, writing obituaries and human interest stories.

After reading romance novels which her mother-in-law lent her, Francine decided to write in that genre. Her first manuscript was sold and published in 1976. For the next several years she wrote historical romance novels.

About ten years later, Francine became a born again Christian and for three years she had difficulty finding plots for new novels. She spent time studying the Bible and decided that her writing would be more
Christian themed.

Her Christian novel was, Redeeming Love, which was released in 1991. Rivers considers it to be her statement of faith. Redeeming Love updates the Old Testament book of Hosea to the American West of the 1850s and tells the story of a prostitute named Angel, who is eventually reformed and converted to Christianity by the stoic patience and love of a frontier farmer named Michael Hosea.

Through her writings, Francine wants to “illustrate Christ and the Christian walk, to address difficult
problems and write realistic stories.” For her efforts, she has been honored with many rewards.

Source: Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Francine Rivers

    • That’s great, Phil. I haven’t read any of her books myself but they sound very good. I too enjoy Christian themed books. I guess you would have to go to a Christian bookstore to find them.


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