Wanting to Be Wise

Read Genesis 3:1-6

Is it wrong to want to be like God? The serpent told Eve that if she ate the fruit which God told her not to eat, she would not die but would be like Him knowing good and evil. This, of course, appealed to Eve. Who wouldn’t like to be our heavenly Father?

When she looked at the fruit on the tree, she didn’t see something that would harm her. She saw something that was good for food, pleasant to look at and would make her wise. She didn’t stop to think that she was disobeying the Word of God. She didn’t know that she was deceived. She took the fruit and ate it and gave some to Adam.

“‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, And to depart from evil is understanding’” (Job 28:28).

Fear or reverence for God is what prevents us from setting aside His commands to follow our own desires. By not listening to the serpent and giving into temptation, Eve would have shown great wisdom. Wisdom is not about knowing everything; in this case, it is knowing good and evil. Wisdom is hearing the Word of God and obeying it. Wisdom is not letting ourselves be influenced by others or our feelings.

Be wise. Don’t let anyone talk you into doing something that is contrary to the Word of God, no matter how reasonable it sounds. Whatever you need from God, ask Him for it and if it is His will, He will give it to you. Solomon asked for wisdom to govern His people. That pleased God and He blessed him with more wisdom than he could ever have dreamed of.

How can men be wise? The only way to begin is by reverence for God. For growth in wisdom comes from obeying his laws. Praise his name forever (Psalm 111:10, TLB).

Source: Open Bible

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