Visiting Jennifer

“So, Uncle Marc, how are things with you? Jennifer asked. They were on the terrace of the unit she lived in with her fiancé.

“Fine,” he said, leaning against the rail facing her. “How are things with you?”

“Well, as I mentioned on the phone, I’m engaged.” She showed him the ring. “Mom’s thrilled, of course.”

“We all are.”

“Really? I didn’t think you would be.”

“To be honest, I would have preferred if you hadn’t gotten pregnant and had gone to university.”

“I know. I didn’t plan on getting pregnant.”

“What would your life have been like if you hadn’t gotten pregnant?”

“I guess I would have gone to university. Not for four years but for two.”

“Wow. He seems to have grown since the last time I saw him.”

“I remember when you were a kid yourself,” he told her. “It doesn’t seem that long ago and now you’re a beautiful young woman with a family.”

“Yes, I remember the bright colored kites and paper airplanes you and I used to fly together in the park near the house when I was ten. You and I spent more time together than Dad and I ever did. Sometimes I think you were more like a father to me than he was.”

“How are things between him and you now?”

She shrugged. “Fine, I guess. We’re still not really close. I feel more comfortable talking to you about things. And even though you too didn’t like the idea of me getting pregnant, you never made me feel like a total disappointment like Dad does.”

“Don’t be too hard on your Dad. He just wants the best for you.”

“I guess so.”

“Are you happy, Jenn?”

“Yes, Uncle Marc. I’m happy. What about you?”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you and Alanis still dating?”


“How come you didn’t bring her to Emily’s birthday party?”

“I didn’t ask her.”

“How come?”

“I don’t think she would have wanted to be at a child’s party.”

“Is that why you brought Shiloh instead?”

“Emily wanted Shiloh there.”

“And what about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s obvious that Shiloh has a thing for you and that you’ve got a thing for her. No wonder you didn’t want Alanis around. She would have picked up on it too.”

He sighed. “You’re right but it’s more than a thing on my part.”

“You mean you’re in love with her.”


“Well, good for you.”

“You think it’s good for me to be in love with a nineteen year old girl?”

“Uncle Marc, it doesn’t matter that she’s nineteen. She seems very mature for her age and I like her. I think she’s right for you.”

“You do?”

“Yes. Don’t let your age difference stop you from being with her. You love her, that’s all that matters.”

“What about her? Does she love me?”

“Why don’t you ask her?”

His heart skipped a beat at the thought. “I guess I will the next time I see her.”


“What about Alanis?”

“You have to break up with her. It’s no use continuing your relationship with her when you feel the way you do about Shiloh. It isn’t fair to either of them.”

“I guess you’re right. I hate having to hurt Alanis, though.”

“I know but you’d hurt her more if you continue to string her along.”

“Where did such wisdom come from?”

She smiled. “From you.”

He smiled in return.

She went over and hugged him. “Why don’t you stay for dinner? Rick would be glad to see you and I know your nephew would too.”

“Sure. It would be nice to see them.”

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“Well, here’s one of them.” She smiled as her toddler emerged from inside the flat and picked him up. “Hey, little guy. You look like you had a really good nap. Do you know who this is?”

The toddler looked at Marc and gurgled happily, clapping his chubby little arms. Marc laughed. “Hey there, Buddy.”

He spewed off unintelligible garble. Jennifer chuckled. “He’s really happy to see you.”

“He seems to have grown since I last saw him at Emily’s birthday party.”

“Yes, he’s growing fast.”

“Is he usually this hyper?”

“No, not usually. He’s a lot quieter when he wakes up from a nap but you seem to have wound him up.”

“I was the same way when I was his age.”

“Would you like to hold him?” She asked as the toddler was leaning towards her uncle, his little arms outstretched.

“Sure.” Marc reached up and took him. “Hey, Buddy. Had a good nap?”

Jennifer watched them. “You know, Uncle Marc, you would be a terrific Dad.”

“Thanks. I love kids.”

“I can tell and they love you. You just seem to have a way with them.”

“Shiloh is like that too.”

“Yes, I noticed that. I noticed how Tyler warmed up to her just like Emily. I think she would be a very good aunt for them, don’t you?”

Marc stared up at her, his expression serious. “Yes, she would be.”

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