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Keturah was Abraham’s wife after Sarah died. Her name means “incense”.

We don’t know much about her except that she bore him six sons. Their names were Zimran “musician”, Jokshan “snarer”, Medan “contention”, Midian “strife”, Ishbak “he releases”and Shuah “wealth.” From Midian came the Midianites or Arabians, including Zipporah, Moses’ wife.

In 1 Chronicles 1:32, Keturah is referred to as Abraham’s concubine. Keturah’s sons were said to have represented the Arab tribes who lived south and east of Palestine. And it is believed that the African people were descended from Abraham and Keturah.

We don’t know where Keturah came from. Perhaps, like Hagar, she was among the maidservants brought from Egypt. It is nice that she is mentioned in the Bible and to know that in her genealogy are the sons and descendants of Moses.

Source: Wikipedia

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