In Hot Water

The maid pointed.  “That was where they were sitting when it hit.”


“Yes, the lady and her companion.”

“Her companion?  She wasn’t alone?”

“No, Sir.”

“Who was her companion?”

“Mr. Martindale, another hotel guest.”

“Were they together often?”

“Yes, Sir.  They were always together.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Sir.  Will that be all?”

“Yes.  Thank you.”

Minutes later she was fired by the manager. 

“Fired? Why?”

“For spilling the beans to Mr. Riverdale about his wife and Mr. Martindale.”

That man was Mr. Riverdale?”


“Milton, I’m really sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it. You’re fired.”

“But, I’m your wife.”

100 Words

This post is for the Friday’s Fictioneers hosted by  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  You can find this week’s prompt  here. To read other stories or to participate, click here.

34 Replies to “In Hot Water”

      1. It was I who misunderstood. I thought you were talking about Mrs. Riverdale and the other guest because you said, “poor Mrs. Riverdale” in your comment. I didn’t realize you were talking about the maid. Yes, she’s married to the manager. It was purely business when he fired her for telling Mr. Riverdale about his wife and the other hotel guest. It didn’t matter that the maid didn’t know that it was Mr. Riverdale she had been talking to.

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      2. OK, then we’re clear. 🙂
        I pity Mr. Riverdale, too, for being cheated on. But Mrs. Riverdale more, for being spied on by her husband and for having her secrets blabbed out by the maid.

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      3. Yes, we’re clear 🙂 I don’t think Mr. Riverdale was spying on his wife. He was surprised/startled when the maid mentioned the “companion”. She should not have divulged any information. It would have been better if she had taken the man to see the manager instead of to the bungalow. Let Milton handle it.

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    1. Yes, he did. He’s a business man and for him, business comes first. This wasn’t personal. If another employee had done what his wife had, he would have fired that person too. In his mind he acted prudently and if that means that he would end up sleeping on the couch, so be it 🙂

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  1. Wow, that is a vicious back and forth. I have strong feelings about marital infidelity, so I’m on the wife’s side here. And, I’ve gotten in trouble for it too, which is also part of why I have so many strong feelings. If you’re going to cheat on your spouse, do it somewhere else. Or, get a divorce, or have an open relationship. There are so many options! Ugh. Great story even though it does make me mad! LOL.

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    1. Thanks. Am glad you like the story even though it made you mad :). Yes, many of us have strong feelings about adultery. It can hurt so many people, cause so much pain. Instead of cheating, leave the marriage if there’s no possibility of working things out.


  2. Oh dear! I guess she was never taught about discretion when speaking with guests. It is unfortunate that she lost her job because of it. Unfortunate way to find out his wife was cheating on him.
    Well done, Adele! So much in 100 words

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    1. You’re right. She didn’t know who the man was but in answering his questions she divulged more information that she should have. Her husband fired her as he would have fired any other employee. And it was unfortunate the way he found out about his wife’s infidelity. Thanks, Dale 🙂

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