No Strange Things

“Burn their idols and do not touch the silver or gold they are made of. Do not take it or it will be a snare to you, for it is horrible to the Lord your God.  Do not bring an idol into your home and worship it, for then your doom is sealed. Utterly detest it, for it is a cursed thing (Deuteronomy 7:25, 26, The Living Bible)

“Look, I don’t want any strange things in this house,” Jeffrey told his wife, Abiona.

“It isn’t a strange thing,” she argued. “It’s an African hand carved wood elephant. It’s a souvenir my aunt brought back from Kenya for us.”

“It doesn’t matter that it’s a carved elephant, I don’t want it.”

“What am I going to tell her? She keeps asking me when I’m going to stop by for it.”

“Tell her that I don’t want it in the house.”

“You keep saying that you don’t want it in the house. Why not and why did you call it a strange thing?”

“It might look harmless but you don’t know what could be attached to it. I have heard of people having figurines, wooden carvings, wooden masks, baskets, paintings, art objects which can have a demonic curse on them. These ornaments are from places like Greece, Africa, India, Mexico, Asia, and Rome.  Friends and relatives travel to these places and bring gifts back home that have a world of darkness attached to them. The Bible warns us not to have these things in our homes.”  

“I can’t tell my aunt that her gift has a demon attached to it,” Abiona protested.

“Why not?” Jeffrey demanded.

“We don’t know that it does. You’re just basing this on what you’ve heard. This particular carving might be harmless.”

“I don’t want to take any chances. I don’t want it here. Such things should be burned or destroyed as God instructed the children of Israel through Moses. God told them not to touch these things or take them into their homes but to burn them.”

“He was talking about worshipping idols, wasn’t He? He didn’t want His people doing that.”

“God was showing not only the people of Israel but Christians the harm of having idols. Idols are not just statues of Buddha or other false gods but objects like the ones I mentioned before. These like the idols have demons attached to them. Demons can dwell in objects not just in people or animals. Satan has deceived people into decorating their homes with these objects.”

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“I don’t see anything wrong with having porcelain figurines on the mantlepiece or a nice work of art on the coffee table.”

“I’ve never told anyone this before but years ago, I visited my friend, Ella who had a beautiful decorative vase on her coffee table. When I walked past it to sit on the sofa, I got a bad vibe and the Holy Spirit told me to take it out of the house and break it. I told Ella what I was going to do and she was horrified but when I explained to her that I was following the Holy Spirit’s instruction, she stopped protesting. She followed me outside. We went into the driveway.

“I raised the vase high above my head and then threw it down. It smashed into many pieces and as then I saw what appeared to be three frogs before they disappeared. I turned to Ella whose face was as pale as a ghost’s. I asked her if she had seen anything and she swore that she saw what looked like three frogs. Revelation 16:13 says, ‘And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.’ Three unclean spirits came out of that vase.”

“Where did the vase come from?” Abiona asked.


Abiona was feeling extremely uneasy now. “Heqet a goddess of childbirth and fertility in Ancient Egypt was depicted as a frog or a woman with the head of a frog.”

“Ella had no idea that there was anything attached to the vase. On the surface, it was an exquisite work of art and it beautified her home. It was a gift from a relative who had gone on an Egyptian tour. Ella was pretty shaken up and now, she doesn’t have any objects from overseas in her home. She doesn’t accept or buy any souvenirs. She told her relative about the vase and she was understandably shaken. Immediately, she threw out all the souvenirs she had brought back from Egypt into the garbage.”

“I’ll call my aunt and tell her that we can’t accept her gift. She’s going to be very upset but, I don’t want any strange things here either.”

“Hopefully when you explain why, she’ll just get rid of it.”


“Call your aunt tomorrow. Tonight we’re going to pray for her. We’re going to pray that if there are any objects in her home which shouldn’t be there that God will reveal them to her.”

“Thanks, Jeff.”

He went over and hugged her. “Thank God who is always watching over us.”

The Lord will keep you from all harm-he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore – Psalm 121:7-8, NIV

Sources: Bible Resources; Ancient Egypt Online;

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