Too Much Bread?

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Is too much bread bad for you? Well, I have always wondered about that. One of my co-workers had cut down in the amount of bread she eats and she has lost a lot of weight. My husband has noticed that when he eats too much bread, his skin becomes discolored. He’s been trying to cut bread out of his diet or at least cut down on his intake but it has been hard.

“We go overboard on bread and other highly refined grains,” says Heather Bauer, RD, co-author of Bread is the Devil: Win the Weight Loss Battle by Taking Control of Your Diet Demons. “When you’re hungry, tired or stressed, you tend to reach for bread products, not carrot sticks. Problem is, the more you eat bread, the more you want.” My husband agrees with this one hundred percent.

Bauer is referring to referring to white bread, crackers, pretzels and other highly refined grains which contribute to the struggle to control one’s weight. Eating whole grains are better in terms of weight loss and they provide more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than refined.

We still need to watch how much whole wheat bread we eat because overdoing “can add pounds, too. So account for it in your daily calorie budget.”

Source: WebMD

10 thoughts on “Too Much Bread?

  1. Besides the over processed flour, the US is weird in that our bread has a lot of sugar in it, even “healthy” bread has more sugar than “junk” bread in, say, France (if you are talking fresh baguettes at the local baker as “junk” 😉 ). And all of the chemicals and preservatives we use so the bread isn’t moldy two days after buying it isn’t always great – I am super sensitive to chemicals.

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    • It’s amazing the number of things which have sugar in them. I was taken aback that there’s sugar in orange juice. Too much of anything isn’t good but the problem is many people love bread, including me and that’s why I haven’t dropped it from my diet. Lately, my guy has been baking bread which is another alternative. At least that way you can know that the ingredients are healthy.

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  2. As a former bread fanatic and just a more moderated bread fan now, I noticed I also lost weight when I stopped eating so much bread. Years ago, I began putting fish, hot dogs, or burgers on soft tortillas and making them into a wrap. Later, I noticed restaurants started making hamburger and fish wraps. I noticed I lost weight and have pretty much kept it off. It makes a really big difference. After a meal, I am not exhausted the way I used to be when I ate regularly bread with almost everything.
    I really enjoy eating a tacos, burritos, quesadillas, wraps etc. now, so I don’t really miss the standard sandwich. I will treat myself to one once in a while.

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    • Bread is kind of addictive, isn’t it? There are so many times. I have a weakness for garlic bread but since the pandemic, I haven’t had any which may be a good thing. I eat whole wheat bread, though. Wraps are nice as long as they are whole wheat–same with quesadillas. I’m not much of a taco or burrito fan. Moderation is always the way to go.

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