Love and Lollipops

“What do Lost loves and unlickable lollipops have in common?” Abi asked Mats.

“I have no idea.”

“They’re both unpleasant.”

“Oh. Have you ever lost a love?”

She shook her head. “No. Have you?”


“I read that lost love can even happen in the relationship.”

“That would be very unpleasant for the two people involved.”

“Yes. It would be. And it must be terrible when one or both of them fall out of love.”

“Yes, it would be.”

“And the last thing anyone who has been through that wants to hear is, ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.'”

“I guess so, although some would argue that having that experience of love even if it ended, is better than never experiencing it.”

“That sounds logical and reasonable, I suppose but it wouldn’t help people who have experienced lost love. Many of them would rather not experience pain of losing that person not matter how happy they once were.”

“You have a point there. What about unlickable lollipops? Have you ever had any?”

“Yes. When I was 12, a friend gave me one. Luckily I waited until after dinner to have it. It looked good and I was really looking forward to having it but when I tasted it, I almost puked. I threw it away.”

“Did you tell your friend?”

“I did and you know what she said?”

“I’m all ears,” he said, his eyes twinkling. To be quite honest, he was more interested in kissing her on the neck.

“She said that she tried one, hated it but decided that instead of chucking the other one, she would give it to me.”

“Were you two still friends after that?”

“Yes, but I never accepted anything from her after that.”

“That was wise.”

“Do you know how funny you look there on that beautiful Turkish rug lying on an overturned chair?” Actually, he looked delectable because she could see from his bare leg that he wasn’t wearing much under that dressing-gown. That got her pulse and heart racing and her stomach acting crazy.

“And you look beautiful standing there tantalizing me. Why don’t you come over here and let me ravish you? I haven’t been able to think about anything else but nibbling your neck.”

“Really?” she smiled as she moved away from the fireplace and went over to him. She sat down on the rug beside him and before she knew it, she was lying on her back and he was nibbling her on the neck, making her giggle and squirm against him. That inflamed him and he smothered her giggles with his mouth. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

They exchanged passionate kisses for several minutes before he drew back to remove his robe and then her clothes. They made love right there on the rug with the light streaming though the French windows bathing their undulating bodies.

Sources: Brainy Quote; Definitions

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