Eye of the Beholder

I know a lot of women, even some of my friends still wonder how Artun could be in love with me. I’m not beautiful and I don’t have nice skin. Right now I have little bumps on my face. And I’m not slim like my sister, Thea. I have the apple shaped body which means I look top heavy. I have to shop for clothes which choose clothes add curves and fullness to my lower body.

There was a time when I wished I had the pear shaped body like  Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. I stopped after meeting Artun because he loves my body and likes to see me naked. He makes me feel beautiful and desirable.

We have been married for seventeen years now and have two kids. Our oldest is our thirteen year old son, Daliso who is handsome like his father. There’s a girl at school whom he likes and she’s plump. Artun and I met her and she’s a lovely person. I was pleased to see that he appreciates that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. He learned from his father that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not to allow society to dictate his idea of what was beautiful. Our second is Loreto, another boy who’s ten. He looks more like me. They are two wonderful kids and we are so blessed to have them.

It’s Thursday evening and I’m lying in bed. Artun comes out of the shower, stark naked, his body and hair wet. I sit up, my eyes drinking every delectable inch of his incredibly sexy body. “Would you like me to dry you off?” I ask.

“Sure,” he replies. He holds out the towel.

I climb out of the bed and walk over to him. I’m wearing one of my new negligees. I take the towel from him, smiling when I see the way his eyes are traveling over my curves. I begin to dry his skin. I take my time. I start from his chest and down this body to his feet. Then, I go behind him and dry his back, buttocks, thighs and calves.

When I’m done, I stand up. I discard the towel and I hold his arms as I press kisses across and down his back. I hear his breath quicken as I kiss his buttocks. He turns around and taking me by my shoulders, hauls me to my feet. His eyes are like burning embers of a fire as they meet mine. And then, his mouth is devouring mine.

I kiss him back, my hands gripping his shoulders as passion consume me. Against mine stomach, I can feel his arousal. Then, he breaks off the kiss to peel my negligee off followed by my French cut underwear. He picks me up and carries me over to the bed where he drives me wild with hungry kisses all over my body before we make love.

When it’s over, we fall asleep in each other’s arms. Nine months later, that night of passion results in the birth of our precious daughter, Gia. “She’s beautiful,” Artun says as he cradles her in his arms, his eyes moist.

I tear up. “She’s God’s gracious gift.” We called her Gia because after I gave birth to Loreto, I suffered two miscarriages. It was very devastating. This time when I got pregnant, I was fearful that it would end in another miscarriage but to our joy and relief, I gave birth to a live baby girl. As I lay there exhausted but thankful, I praised God.

Now we are a family of five. Sometimes I think about the miscarriages and have come to terms with them. I believe they happened because the fetuses weren’t developing normally. God has bless me with an amazing husband and three healthy kids so I’m extremely thankful.

Source: Parents

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