Match-making Mother

“Clive, Dear, I have some wonderful news for you.”

“What news, Mother?”

“Charlotte Ramsey and her parents are having dinner with us this evening.”

Charlotte Ramsey was a girl he knew since childhood. He remembered how his mother was always trying to make a match between them. She hadn’t approved of Samantha, his ex-girlfriend from Oxford. Samantha wasn’t suitable because she was from the working class. She was very relieved when Clive told her that he and Samantha had broken up. “She was beneath you, Dear. You need to be with someone from the upper class like Charlotte Ramsey.”

“Why is that wonderful news for me?” Clive inquired now and was rewarded with a withering look.

“Why shouldn’t it be?” she countered. “You and Charlotte have known each other for ages. She’s a very sweet girl and very suitable.”

“Suitable for what, Mother.”

“Why for you, of course.”

“Mother, Charlotte is a very nice girl but I’m not interested in her.”

“When was the last time you saw her?”

“Not since I left Westminster.”

“That was over five years ago when you and she were in your teens. Now you are in your twenties. Charlotte has grown into a lovely young woman.”

“I’m sure she has, Mother but it wouldn’t make a difference.”

“Don’t be so sure,” was the quick rejoinder.

Clive sighed. It was no use talking to her about this anymore. And he wasn’t looking forward to dinner tonight at all and wished that he could come up with some excuse to skip it. It was too bad that Rose was out of town. It was her father’s 70the birthday so she had flown to Accra to celebrate with her family. She was gone for three weeks. He missed her like crazy and couldn’t wait for her to return. They kept in touch through Skype, WhatsApp and email. “I’m going for walk,” he told his mother, rising to his feet.

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She didn’t look at all pleased. “You would rather go for a walk than spend time with your mother.”

“That’s not true, Mother. I just need to stretch my legs, that’s all. And it’s a nice, sunny day. Why spend it indoors when I can spend it outdoors instead?”

“Very well, then. Go for your walk.”

“I’ll see you in a little while, Mother.” He thought of giving her a peck on the cheek but her demeanor put him off. Instead, he walked past her to the door.

“I hope your mood will improve by this evening,” she said.

It was on the tip of his tongue to reply, my mood was fine until you started up with your match-matching schemes again, but thought better of it.

As soon as he left the mansion and headed in the direction of the moors, he whipped out his cell and texted Rose. Wish I were there with you. Mother is trying to set me up with a girl named Charlotte. Maybe I should tell her about us.

Within minutes, he got a reply. I wish you were here too. Don’t tell your mother about us as yet. And as far as Charlotte is concerned, continue to make it absolutely clear that you’re not interested. Sooner or later, your mother will have to desist from her match-making.

You don’t know my mother, he texted back. She’s like a dog with a bone. She won’t give up that easily. Anyway, I’ll figure something out.

They exchanged texts for a while and by the time he returned home, he was ready to take on his mother.

Source: Up With People

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