Donna’s Initiative

“My organization is a mess,” Donna said.

“Why do you say that?” her boyfriend, Hector asked her.

“It’s overrun with misaligning multitaskers.”

“What on earth are Misaligning multitaskers?”

“They overworked employees who are constantly multitasking causing them to make mistakes which get them into trouble with their supervisors and other employees. They are fatigued and distracted so they don’t give the tasks the attention they need. Many of them are heading straight for a burnout if nothing is done.”

“Why are these individuals overworked? What about the other employees?”

“That’s the problem. Some people have too much work and others don’t seem to have enough or they dump some of their work on others.”

“What is your management doing about this?”

“Nothing. And that’s what upsets me. I’ve been working there for fifteen years but in the last five years, things have drastically changed, thanks to the new management. Not only are people being overworked, but they have to deal with workplace drama, tension, rumors, gossip and resentment. There’s little or no connection among the different departments and within the same departments, colleagues and supervisors don’t get along. A few people have quit their jobs because of mental issues they never had before they started working in their department. There’s lack of communication and so you have people who don’t feel comfortable speaking to their supervisors and they aren’t encouraged to give any feedback, so they continue pushing themselves, not knowing what their priorities are and getting stressed out. Sometimes there is too much communication and that makes some people feel insecure and they don’t feel empowered to do their jobs. They depend on management to tell them what to do. Then, there’s the lack of accountability. People like to point fingers, especially at the the overworked employees.”

“It sounds like your organization is misaligned with its employees. Something needs to be done or you will end up with a lot of physically, emotionally and mentally ill people.”

“I can’t let that happen. I care too much about the organization and the employees. They have a right to a healthy and productive work environment.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’ve set up a meeting with all of the department heads and supervisors. I will let them know that there are signs that our organization is is misaligned with its people and I will outline what they are before discussing each one.”

“I have a suggestion.”


“Use Olumo to help you to improve company alignment and employee engagement.”

“Isn’t that the company Telarus went into partnership with last year?”

“Yes. I can put you in touch with one of their representatives who will come and give you a demo or presentation how their technology can build the ideal workplace experience for your organization.”

“That’s a great idea. Thanks, Honey.”

“I’ll set it up. And you’ll see, in no time, you’ll have properly aligned organization running smoothly.” 

And he was right. Within a few months, the organization was running smoothly like a well oiled machine. Morale and productivity were up. Those who contributed to the toxic work environment were let go and Donna became the new CEO. And when Hector took her out to celebrate her success and promotion, he also proposed.

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