The Raptors’ Game

Matt lay there, staring at the two tickets to the Raptors’ game on the bed. A colleague had given them to him because something had come up and he couldn’t go. Whom could he take? Gina was out of the question because she wasn’t a sports fan. He had called Joel but he had already made plans with Kira. What about Melania?

His heart skipped a beat at the thought. After his reaction to her hug last week Saturday and the temptation to put his arm around her as they posed for the photo in front of the Toronto Sign in Nathan Phillips’ Square he wasn’t sure that going to a ballgame with her was a good idea even if they were going to be out in public. It was what could happen afterwards when he took her home. He was afraid of what could transpire between them.

He had sworn to Gina that Mel and he were just friends but how could he explain his reaction when he felt her body pressing against his when they hugged? He felt himself get hard now just thinking about it.

Sighing heavily, he got off the bed and pulled on his robe. Maybe he should just give the tickets to someone else but that would be such a shame. He enjoyed watching the Raptors play and he knew that Melania was a huge fan too.

He grabbed his cell and called her. She answered right away. “Hello, Matt.”

“Hello, Mel. Are you busy this evening?”

“No, why?”

“I have a couple of tickets to the Raptors’ game tonight. Would you be interested in going with me?”

“Of course, I would be.”

“Great. I’ll pick you up at 6:15.”

“Okay. I’ll see you then.”

He ended the call and after making the bed, he showered and got dressed for work. Gina had already left for the daycare and then for work. He knew he wouldn’t have enough time to come home, change, pick Melania up before heading downtown for the game. So, he would have to leave Gina a note letting her know that he was going to be home late before he left.

Melania smiled. She couldn’t believe that she was going to a Raptors’ game with Matt. She was really excited about that. They hadn’t seen or spoken to each other since Family Day which was last week Monday. She had so much fun skating with him. It was too bad that Gina was there.

And last week Saturday she was thrilled when he stopped by to see Uncle Joel and had stayed to have wings, fries and watch Star Wars with them. On the drive home to her place, they talked non-stop about so many things. She loved talking to him. And he seemed to enjoy her company too. She was sorry that the night had come to an end. When they were facing each other outside of her apartment, she wish he weren’t so tall so that she could kiss him on the cheek. Instead, she had to settle for a hug and hug him she did.

His body felt nice and firm against hers. She felt his arms around her, holding her close before they parted. When she glanced up at him, she thought she saw something on his face before it disappeared and a guarded expression took its place. She chided herself afterwards. After all, he was married even if she wished with all her heart that he wasn’t. And, there wasn’t any harm in them going to a Raptors’ game, was there?

All day she thought about him and as soon as it was five o’ clock she was out of the office and on the subway heading home. She managed to change into a sweater and jeans before he called to say that he was downstairs. She grabbed her handbag, hurriedly put on her leather jacket and ankle high boots before she let herself out of her apartment.

He was standing in the lobby when she got there and after exchanging smiles and greetings, but no hugs, they walked to his car and soon they were on their way. It promised to be a lovely evening. The sun had set around 6. “Are you hungry?” he asked.

She nodded. “Yes, are you?”

“Yes. We can grab something on the way if you like.”


They stopped at Harvey’s and got two Buffalo Chicken sandwiches with fries and Vanilla Shakes. “I haven’t had Harvey’s in a long time,” he remarked. “I’d forgotten how much I used to like their stuff.”

“Me too. I always preferred them to McDonald’s and Burger King. I like Wendy’s too.”

“So, how was your day?”

“It wasn’t as busy as yesterday. I was able to leave right at five for a change. How about you?”

“Mine was busy but not more than usual.”

“It was nice going to Nathan Phillips’ Square for Family Day. I had a great time.”

“Yes, it was. I had a great time too.”

“I can’t get over how cute Cam is. He looks a lot like you.”

He smiled. “Everyone says that.”

“Aunt Kira told me that Gina’s expecting.”

His smile faded. “Yes, she is.”

“I wish Aunt Kira and Uncle Joel had kids. They would be such wonderful parents.”

“I wish so too and I agree with and that’s why I pray for them everyday.”

“I pray for them too.”

“You mentioned last Saturday that you could have gone on a date instead of hanging out with Kira and Joel.”

She glanced at him. “Yes. A guy at work asked me to go to a Jazz concert with him but I told him that I already had plans.”

“So your company doesn’t have a problem with employees dating each other?”

“They don’t seem to have a problem as long as employees don’t let their social lives affect their jobs. I guess it isn’t allowed at your company.”

“At my company relationships where one partner has a role of authority over the other are prohibited. And couples aren’t allowed to work directly together in the same department.

“I guess that makes sense. Dating a co-worker can be tricky especially when the two people have a nasty break-up.”

“So, if your co-worker asked you out on another date and you were available, would you accept?”

She shook her head. “No.”

“How come?”

“He’s a really nice guy but I’m just not interested in him.”

Why was he so relieved to hear that? He wondered if he should mention that Gina thought that she was infatuated with him. Probably best not to mention it, especially if it turned out that Gina was wrong. He changed the subject and talked about something else.

When they got to the game, they went straight to their seats which were really good ones. They were eight rows back from the court. “These are great seats,” Melania exclaimed when they sat down. “When I come here, I’m usually in the nose bleed section.”

Matt laughed. “I know what you mean.” The place was filling up quickly and in ten minutes the game was going to begin. It felt great to be here. He was looking forward to tonight’s game. He removed his jacket and laid it across his lap and she did the same. He was wearing a black suit, black tie and a light blue shirt. “I feel like I’m overdressed,” he said. “I didn’t have time to go home after leaving the office.”

Her gaze travelled over him. “I’ve never seen you in a suit before. You look really good.”

“Thanks,” he replied. Their eyes held for several minutes before she turned away. He looked away, his expression guarded.

The game began and so did the whistles and cheers. This was so exciting. She watched as the players moved about the court. Half-time came and then, the game was over. The Raptors had won. It was time to leave. They quickly put on their coats and stood up. “I’d better hold you hand so that we don’t get separated,” Matt said looking at the crowd of people as they surged towards the exits.

Melania slipped her hand in his and they navigated their way through the sea of people. His grip was firm as if he didn’t want to lose her. It felt wonderful holding hands. He didn’t release her hand until they were outside of the arena and had left the crowd behind. They walked to his car and he held the door open for her. It had gotten a bit nippy so she was thankful to be sitting inside the car which was soon nice and warm. “That was a great game,” she said as he drove away.

“Yes, it was.”

“Thanks for inviting me to come.”

“You’re welcome.”

They talked about the game and other things and then, they were outside of her apartment building. She unfastened her seatbelt. “You don’t have to walk me to my apartment,” she said, facing him.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Thanks again for a fun evening.” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Goodnight, Matt.”

“Good night, Mel.”

She pushed open the door and climbed out. Her heart was racing. How tempted she was to kiss him on the mouth. She leaned against the wall and watched as he reversed and then drove away.

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She stood there for a while, trying to calm her nerves. Her body was doing crazy things. She wanted Matt. And she sensed that he wanted her too. When she kissed him on the cheek, she heard him catch his breath. And she could hear his heavy breathing as well as her own. When she drew back from him, their eyes met for several minutes and then, she got out of the car. If she had lingered any longer, something might have happened between them.

She closed her eyes and inhaled the cold air. Her aunt Kira would have a fit if she knew that she had kissed Matt. Why did she do it? Why didn’t she just say goodnight and get out of the darn car? If she were honest with herself, she would admit that she had wanted to kiss him for a long time. And tonight, she did. Friends kissed, didn’t they? The trouble was, though, that she wanted to be more than friends with him but that wasn’t possible because of his wife, Gina.

Aunt Kira’s wrong about my feelings for Matt. I’m not infatuated with him. I’m in love with him.

Matt touched his cheek. The flesh tingled. He could still feel her lips on his skin. His heart was pounding like crazy and he was breathing hard. He hadn’t expected the kiss–a hug, yes, but not a kiss. The kiss felt like more like a caress and it had aroused him. Right now, he was rock hard. It was probably a good thing that he didn’t walk her to her apartment. Who knows what would have happened if he had.

At the red stop light, he ran his fingers through his hair, his expression drawn. Can my life get any more complicated? My marriage has fallen apart, another child is on the way and I’m attracted to Mel. What on earth am I going to do now?

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